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  1. Absolutely terrible performance tonight. I genuinely can’t think of one player who would get above a 5 out of 10 (potentially Downing only). We got away with it big time tonight,
  2. Only just seen the highlights. Isn’t football a funny game with everyone seeing the same incidents in different ways. Never a penalty in a million years and how the ref gives a red card is beyond me. outstanding resilience and effort from the lads second half. No doubt that this group have great belief.
  3. I always say judge after 15/20 games. Well 15 games in and we’re 4 points off the top!! Felt brilliant that win.
  4. To come through these 2 games with 4 points considering our absentee list is an outstanding effort. Credit to TM, staff and all the players.
  5. Surely I’m not reading complaints after a clean sheet?.... all this talk of Warnock being a top manager...can’t even beat a team without 9 first team players out....
  6. As I said earlier, I’m not bothered about the past. In Kaminski, Douglas and Ayala we have significantly improved our defence in my opinion. Get them playing consistently together and we will see an improvement that in sure of. thank you
  7. Carlisle got beat....and the constant negativity of our fan base is having a detrimental affect on the team ?
  8. I’m not bothered about the past. I’m looking at the present and future state. In Kaminski, Douglas and Ayala I honestly believe we have significantly strengthened our back line (disagree?) The problem is we have not been able to play them all together. The key to a solid defence is consistency in selection over a period of time.
  9. Anyone that doesn’t acknowledge the players we have out as impacting our results/performances is showing a complete lack of understanding of the game (or most likely just using to fuel their Mowbray out agenda). To think you can just roll out 11 players every Saturday and Tuesday and get a result with no time to plan and prepare is quite frankly ridiculous. I’m not for one minute excusing some of the mistakes we have made (nor has the manager I might add). I honestly believe when we get a fully fit 11 on the pitch and have them playing together consistently for a number of weeks we have a
  10. So you’d prefer seeing him have a nervous breakdown during interview? Not really sure how a mangers emotions on missing out on players impacts anything really...
  11. Let’s hope the end result is someone of the same quality as Tosin....
  12. Whoever made this whole rumour up must be p!ssing themselves!! Let’s all be sensible for a second and actually contemplate the thought of folking out 40/50k a week on his salary....and now back to the real world...
  13. So the game in which many people on here described as “must win” and “no excuses” from Mowbray was a pretty comfortable affair. Had it not been for the woodwork and some poor finishing it could quite easily have been 5 or 6. 10th place, 3 league wins on the bounce and 6 points off the playoffs. Pinch me now!!
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