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  1. I feel like playing in CA alongside players like Vidal and Alexis Sanchez will have helped BB add a few extra elements to his game too. Sanchez probably speaks enough English to help translate for him so he's not completely in the cold, and learning the Latin American football style might really boost his game when he comes back. At least, until Mowbray chokes the life out of it. In terms of learning Spanish, he might be able to get some help from Daniel Ayala (Spanish) and Louie Annesley (Gibraltarian, and people from there generally switch between English and Spanish in daily conversati
  2. Brereton does seem to be thriving in the Copa America. Let's hope he gets used properly by Blackburn next season, now we've seen what he can do in the right environment.
  3. Ask Crewe if they want him on loan. They have a decent reputation at the moment for playing younger players, their manager used to be a defender, AND their manager is Gibraltarian too.
  4. It's Benjamín Antonio Brereton Díaz now I'll have you know. He may as well go all in on it.
  5. Says he'd like to go out on loan, maybe that'll be on the cards for him this season. Now he's publicly said he's up for it, if a club comes knocking I don't see Blackburn refusing.
  6. I'm still very annoyed at Julio Ribas for playing eight defenders against ANDORRA. Didn't even make a substitution until he was forced to in the last 15 minutes of the game. Then he brought on another defender.
  7. Sorry but I don't see it happening. Been linked with Norwich and Sheffield United too, but if rumours about Sporting, Benfica and Galatasaray chasing him are true I don't see how he moved to the English second tier.
  8. The keeper basically went into FM goalkeeper glitch mode vs Norway and the Netherlands (until he got injured in the latter game anyway) and saved almost everything that came his way. See here:
  9. Louie once again called up. Slovenia will be a good test for him while Gib should be favourites against Andorra - however with Lee Casciaro, Liam Walker and Jayve Olivero missing it's going to be a fairly experimental side. 17 year old Bilal Douah gets called up even though he's yet to play a single senior game at club level, so could be interesting to see how he performs. Game vs Slovenia will see two of the best goalkeepers in the world (if you believe Jan Åge Fjørtoft) go up against each other with Dayle Coleing in the Gib net and Jan Oblak likely starting for Slovenia.
  10. Lucky there's a few players in Chile's squad who are or have previously played in England so will speak enough English to be able to translate for him.
  11. You never know, he might learn a few things from Alexis Sanchez and come back a better player.
  12. Any news on if Annesley has a new deal yet? Heard he's been offered one, can only think that if he signs he'll either be put in the fringes of the first team or get loaned out to a League One club.
  13. Figured I'll share this live stream of Lincoln Red Imps vs Lynx as for some reason I'm now a chat moderator on the channel.
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