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  1. Commentators going off about how McBride must've had a bad game to be taken off, only for their golden boy Broadhead to get taken off seconds later. Though in the first half they were talking in a very condescending tone about how Barnes started his career with Marine and Annesley is only an international for Gibraltar so best off ignoring everything they say.
  2. Behind due to two sloppy mistakes in the midfield which allowed Everton to counter. With Everton's pace on the break being their main threat, the mistakes completely left the defence exposed and they had no chance. Though Everton fell victim to a similar error which allowed Rovers back into the game and the team have been growing back into it since then.
  3. My bad, that's a shame then. I knew it was often the youth teams of the senior sides who made it + the actual youth league champions (if that team's senior side isn't in the CL) but forgot the age level. This year would've had a youth team of a second tier Russian side take part if it had gone ahead.
  4. Article from Lancs Live about Blackburn's PL2 title bid: https://www.lancs.live/sport/football/football-news/blackburn-rovers-pl2-title-challenge-20338260 Would be great for Rovers to win it and play in the UEFA Youth League next season against some of Europe's best. Especially considering the side is largely home grown compared to the amount of money invested by more illustrious rivals.
  5. Yeah Tjay De Barr is a real problem for defenders cos he's very quick and pretty decent with the ball at his feet - it means he gets kicked around a bit and wins a lot of free kicks (including the one Liam Walker converted for their first win as a FIFA nation against Latvia). Problem for him is lack of service, although both his goals for the national team have come from effective counter attacks. There's a reason he got signed by Real Oviedo in Spain's second tier in 2019, shame he returned to Gib this season due to uncertainty about Covid at the time. Hasn't exactly been banging them in at c
  6. Annesley rested today, Ribas plans to start him vs Netherlands.
  7. He did alright, a few big clearances. Obviously given that Norway had 80% possession he couldn't do much with the ball but the fact they didn't have that many shots in the second half is testament to the defensive work of the Gib players. In all honesty it was mostly Dayle Coleing's day, even though he conceded 3 he mad 12 saves including a fair few stunners to keep out Haaland. I think all the Gib defenders put themselves in the shop window last night (except for Wiseman and Roy Chipolina who are in their mid-late 30s).
  8. Interview with Louie ahead of the internationals. He starts in midfield tonight against Norway, tasked with keeping Erling Haaland and Martin Odegaard at bay.
  9. Apparently he has trained with the first team this season, and his versatility might help his chances. I mean, Aaron Wan-Bissaka was already 20 before he got his chance at Crystal Palace.
  10. Annesley's been named in the Gibraltar squad for next week's internationals. Considering their first game is in five days I suppose he was jetting off as soon as the game was over. Good test for him though against the Netherlands feat. Memphis Depay, Montenegro feat. Stefan Jovetic and Norway feat. Erling Haaland and Martin Odegaard. He contains them, he should be starting for Blackburn.
  11. Speaking of expiring contracts, is Annesley's up this June? Remember when he signed in Jan 2019 it was a two-and-a-half year deal, don't know if there were any options to extend or if he was offered a new deal or not.
  12. Proved their worth against the likes of Reiss Nelson and Eddit Nketiah, Mowbray must surely start thinking of trying some of the youth soon. It's another mid-table season in the Championship, start planning for next season now.
  13. Reached the ISL final at Chennaiyin (top 4 in the league all go into championship playoffs like in Australia and North America) but struggling in mid-table with Jamshedpur.
  14. Luke's now joined Lincoln Red Imps, staying in Gibraltar.
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