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  1. Not sure playing him last night, when just 3 days prior he was playing against Norway in Oslo, was a good idea. Essentially played on Tuesday, flew back Wednesday, trained on Thursday and played on Friday. I'd be tired too.
  2. Louie did appear to get a slight knock against Norway, eventually subbed off due to it with 10 mins left. Did an admirable job against a Norwegian team out to prove a point after a lacklustre 3-0 display in their last meeting. Ended up with Norway having 43 attempts on goal, of which 14 were on target, 16 were off target, and 13 were blocked (so a lot of respect has to be put on the Gibraltar defensive line), ending 5-1.
  3. He put in a good shift against Latvia on Wednesday before getting taken off in an attacking change (Annesley as DM replaced by Anthony Hernandez, an AM/CF) which backfired when Latvia scored twice.
  4. Unfortunately a booking means Annesley will now miss the Turkey game on Saturday, but he'll return for the Norway game.
  5. Annesley starts in midfield for Gibraltar. Wycombe striker Tjay De Barr leads the attack.
  6. Any odds on Annesley getting that loan he's been after all summer?
  7. Annesley again involved in Gibraltar's squad for games against Latvia, Turkey and Norway. Realistic chance of points against Latvia, who have a lot of Riga FC and RFS players. Could be of interest to scouts looking at Lincoln's players, after the Gibraltar champions knocked out Riga (hence why Gibraltar could realistically win next week) to secure a spot in the Group Stage of the Europa Conference League (where they'll face PAOK, Copenhagen and Slovan Bratislava). New Wycombe Wanderers striker Tjay De Barr also involved.
  8. 4-2 a harsh result. Rovers were ahead until the 87th minute and then collapsed at the end.
  9. Good to see Louie has been promoted to captain
  10. Wait... Jeremy Corbyn's kid helped BB Diaz get his Chilean passport?? How random.
  11. I think Louie Annesley could end up going on loan back to Lincoln Red Imps - IF they qualify for the Europa Conference League. They have a winnable tie against FC Riga in the play-off round, and the second leg is on 26 August so still time in the international transfer window to hammer that one out. Him playing against some of Europe's top teams will be good for his development, probably better than going to a National League side.
  12. Considering how much he featured in pre-season I am a little bit disappointed that Annesley isn't involved.
  13. Well I remember hearing Rovers are linked with Rhys Healey of Toulouse. He's been on fire since he moved to France. Last season scored 14 goals in 32 games as his side narrowly missed out on promotion. 3 goals already after 2 games this season.
  14. Told you guys BB Diaz would have a good first game back. Back to normal by next week unless Sevilla buy him.
  15. The kids are alright. Mowbray can't wait to drop them for some random 18 year old from Manchester City.
  16. They should follow Chelsea's model. I hear one of their academy products is about to get sold for nearly £100m. Romelu Lukaku.
  17. If they're that short on players might as well throw Annesley in, at least he's got versatility on his side and can fill in at CB, full-back and in midfield if needed.
  18. I think this will be the last we'll see of BB Diaz's Chilean flair before Mowbray takes him off midway through the second half for being too flash. Then next week it's back to the old Ben Brereton.
  19. Is this all why they haven't loaned out Annesley yet? Remember back in June he was talking about going on loan but still hasn't happened yet, presumably because the Blackburn squad is paper thin and he might end up being needed.
  20. Would the Lancs Senior Cup final count in this thread or would it be in the U21/Academy thread? I'm guessing the players who are starting today won't feature in tomorrow's friendly, at least not as starters.
  21. Crystal Palace have out-Blackburned Blackburn https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-RfxLPzyt168/YP7YsTqo1lI/AAAAAAADJe8/_m5EAsdPE0gGrOnPp0Qmiyc8KTh2hz-0wCNcBGAsYHQ/s1600/Crystal%2BPalace%2B21-22%2BThird%2BKit%2B%25287%2529.jpg
  22. Some of these lads are probably just being played today to advertise them to potential loaning clubs for the season. Reckon any lower EFL clubs would take an interest in any of them?
  23. If he does that against a Championship goalkeeper that's going in 90% of the time. Would be great to see him doing that sort of thing for Rovers.
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