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  1. Do you know if the Black Lion has sky as Everton v The Manchester Red Sox are on at 1225?
  2. Are you and Orvil going by train? We'll be at Euston about 11ish then onto an ale house.
  3. I'll be there too Any decent ale houses that away fans are allowed in?
  4. 2 -1 to Rovers Kuqi, Dicky penalty. Anyone going by train?
  5. Dont let Dingles on!!! Wont give that ejit Dingle the steam off my p*ss that put that thread on
  6. Are you for real ? Where the f do you get off calling your FELLOW fans stupid and morons. Only songs approved by you can be sung ? Take your rules and stick them where the sun don't shine. I was there at the back singing, as I have been at every away game this season. I am not a moron!!! Just a true fan who enjoys the day out supporting his club.
  7. Yeah I went in there after the West Brom game just made last orders. Will be there about 11ish then.
  8. I should be there about 1100ish there should be somewhere with sky sports on
  9. Anyone going into the city centre for a few sherberts before the game?
  10. If you ring the Rovers Ticket office and ask them to duplicate a ticket, you can then pick it up at the Birmingham City ticket office. I have done this before and had no problem. But pick your ticket up well before kick off.
  11. Are they definately letting away fans pay at the turnstilles? If so my mate wants to come. More the merrier
  12. Anyone getting the 10 o'clock train from Blackburn?
  13. If you go into the city centre you can get a tram straight to the ground, just follow all the cockneys !!!
  14. Just booked my hotel in Cardiff for 15/16 Apr (book quick to avoid disappointment) and the women said that Rovers are playing on Saturday. Hopefully shes right and we can hit the town afterwards.
  15. That horrible away bit certainly puts me off going. The view is awful. Combined with crap parking facilities, recent and future FA cup ties and the general malaise and pessimism running through a large part of the population of the town all contributed to the poor attendance. I dont think it will work but if the fans spend the money saved in the shop or better still on a bring-a-friend policy for home games and the position will seem so much better. Two things....... 1. Nice to see a Rovers team play so physically (definitely not dirtily ....something that needs putting on every mboard and web site that can be thought of) and competatively. As GS used to put it "they are proper men" (I bet he is well surprised at how much like his ideal of 'proper man' they have become without him! I have never seen a team in blue and white be so strong and resiliant in tackles and throughout the game even when faced with a team like Everton. In fact its fair to say, and I'm sure that Moyes will agree that we out 'Evertoned' Everton. 2. When in 4-5-1 formation playing ch behind Mokoena must be the easiest job on the park. Whilst he may be prone to rushes of blood at centre half whenplaying deep midfield he protects the defence as well as anybody that I can remember. Nothing will put me off going to see Rovers. I had no trouble parking, however it did cost a fiver but I knew my car was safe. I paid £27 to sit at the front bit so I wouldnt have one of them ancient beams in the way. Agreed it is expensive, but it was worth it.
  16. I would try and park at Asda or in town to be safe, then get the number 1 bus to Darwen Cemetry. I'll be on the pop tomorrow afternoon in town but I'll probably stay away from the possible trouble spots ( Postal Order, Last Orders). Never trust a Dingle!!!
  17. Me 2 I thought it was fair and square. Me and my mate got our tickets on Monday morning over the phone and they arrived by post today. If all applications had been by post, how many would have gone missing?
  18. "Your Mums your Dad" "Your Dads your Mum" "Your interbred, you Burnley SCUM" Period!!!!
  19. We need to utilise MGP and Emerton as wide wingers, we play to narrow. Push big Mokenea up 2 hopefully meet the crosses. My prediction 1-0 to Rovers
  20. Got my tickets after a queue of 45 on the phone and a 40 minute wait whilst on hold on my mobile, expensive bill but worth it. Bring on the Dingles!!!
  21. It means that you must have been to at least 2 away games this season. There will be alot of supporters who come out of the woodwork to get tickets and leave those who go regulary without a one!!! I have been to every game home and away this season and some of my mates who dont go that often have asked me to get them a ticket, as much as I'd like to do them a favour . But I'll be letting them down. Never mind chin up!!!!
  22. I would go for Todd but I think when Savage is settled then he'll take the armband. Flitty would be a posible understudy.
  23. When Ferguson first came to Rovers what did he expect? Champions League straight away? If we hold out and try and get a fair price for him, although we still owe Rangers £2.5m. Let him go and play the same old 2 horse race league. We only want players who are willing to play for Rovers.
  24. I was at Pompey on Saturday and spoke to some decent Pompey fans before the match, however when we were coming out of the ground I was spat on and my mate barged into. A big "NO NEED" !!!! What is wrong with people? 3 points in the bag!!! D'Urso to be banned!!! Rovers to climb up the table.
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