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  1. We need to go into the game with the right attitude and think it'll be a walkover. But lets hope it will be...... Sunderland 0 Rovers 3 (Bellamy3) See you all there
  2. 21st July 2003 was a tragic day when Damian Duff left Rovers
  3. It would be a said loss to see MGP go...... I think it has been on the cards for a while, but we need to get as much for him as we can £10m + is an amount we can't turn down. However if/when it happens we need to buy a decent replacement. Swap him for Duff !!!!!!!
  4. Great offer will be renewing mine... Wish they did Forces Discount.........
  5. Its been moved to Sunday 16th Apr. KO 14:30 At the end of the day it was Liverpools fault for not looking at the fixtures well in advance and then put in the request for it to be changed. Rovers really had no choice as it would not look good for us. We normally get slated in the press anyway but for us to be portayed as heartless etc would not do our caring reputation any good. I would have prefered a minutes silence and the KO on the Saturday at 15:00 or even 17:30 at the most. An open apology to the fans that have payed out alot of money to travel to match would be seen as at least a good will gesture. They will not pay out any money as a form of compensation. Lets hope we win..... Rovers til I die......
  6. 17:15 Kick off is fine to me..... More time in the Postal Order......
  7. Great result, but we need to keep it going if we're going to get into Europe. Thought Todd played well and Bellamy was superb. Peter (or whatever his name is) showed inexperiance when we just needed to keep hold of the ball, but the more games he playes the better he'll be. Bring on the Spuds...............
  8. Anyone getting the 10:15 train from Blackburn? 2 nil Rovers - Bellamy/Reid
  9. Just got back from the hawthorns. Crap Day. Crap Result. Crap overall performance. Reid - Did not have it in him today Tugay - Scared to tackle Kuqi - Why bother if you cant be arsed My Man of the Match has to be Mickey Gray
  10. Me. The Newt near Birmingham New Street is a good meeting place
  11. What a game, all the Mancs are whinging and are looking for excuses. They even got 6 minutes of injury time...... Lets keep it going.... Lifes good.... Its good to be a Rover...
  12. I meant the alleged OT faithfull, they hardly sung all night. Away from home they're are quite vocal but they do cause havoc.........
  13. Home 2 - Away 3 good designs..... Hope they dont fall apart, there's no substitute for quality especially as I'm hardly out of my Rovers shirts.
  14. Enjoyed last night great vocal support in the Theatre of Screams, Their support is crap...... There does seem there is a vandetta out on Savage and referee's should now be getting wise to it........ Graham Poll as ever ruins a great match with his total inconsistancy. Lets do Man Ure next wednesday and get another 3 points off them
  15. Lets all do the Ku-chee Lets all do the Ku-chee Na Na Na Na
  16. Had another great day yesterday, vocal away support and 3 points. The Admiral was a stalwart in defence Tugay was inspirational....... Nice to see Sergio get another run out and did well Kuqi's first touch is terrible and lacked alot of pace, but whatever he does he does well... Another handball goal (never mind chin up) Newcastle's finishing was luckily well below par........ Commiserations to Souey..... Oh and the Whale and his Family....
  17. Or a USA flag... The return of The Ohio Blue........
  18. Ok, I think that he's a chocolate speedway rider
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