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  1. Sorry for all the crap on here recently. It's gotten ridiculous.

    I should start a new board specifically for transfers. Not just rovers transfers either.

    'The Northwest Transfer Tunnel'

    Anyway. Cheers friend. Good luck with everything.

    And tell your daughter if she needs a logo or website etc., I'm your guy. And I mean that haha

  2. A real gent, a true football hero and still a fan. What a shame.
  3. There may be some bad news for your old pal Paul Ince today ...
  4. Did this dreaded 4-4-1-1 not bring three home wins this season? All of this yelling on the back of three murderous away games...it's unreal.
  5. To be fair to Ray he is a very good lower league manager...and I don't mean that as an insult.
  6. He picks the young and on-loan Di Santo ahead of him. Think that says a lot. And the 'get in the f***ing box' scream at Roberts during the Chelsea game sticks in my memory too. Meriem is due back in a couple of weeks. I take it they will look at him and see if he can solve a problem. If not it will be a case of looking elsewhere. The Di Santo thing will be clearer soon. A lot depends on Chelsea getting their signing ban lifted and buying one or two players in that position. Much as he is a real talent, do you think Chelsea would fancy their chances in the Premier League and Champions Lea
  7. Ray Mathias...new boss of Tranmere Rovers. Andy Kennedy...just got a job at Rangers, coaching under-12s. Scott Sellars...under-18 coach at Manchester City.
  8. I think Sam is looking at the current squad and planning to be without Benni, possibly losing Di Santo and with little faith in Roberts - not to mention Kalinic's teething problems. Two new strikers is the pragmatic wish for January. If Di Santo stayed that would mean only one more needed. For all of the sentiment towards Benni it should be recalled that he wasn't fit enough when it counted last season and could not be relied on. The predecessor left him out too. If he gets little game time and is moved on he only has himself to blame.
  9. The guy bought the club for £2 from Al-Fahim who bought it for £1. It's very hard to take that club seriously. The wages only got paid by a loan in September and were also paid by a new loan in October. It is no way to run a club and the Premier League need to ask some questions here - and also about themselves and their Fit and Proper Persons test. Pompey are trying to get rid of big earners as soon as possible, so taking on Benni is a non-starter for that reason. And there is no way Rovers would let him got to a rival, especially at the bottom of the table.
  10. It's a possible, but his wages are huge - and Villa don't want to get rid just yet. If they did they would prefer a sale.
  11. Your 4-4-1-1 system has worked out well in home games. If McCarthy came in that would have to change because he can't play as the lone striker. If you change the system it takes away from David Dunn, your most likely matchwinner this season. Have a funny feeling Benni will stay on the bench to start on Saturday.
  12. There are a couple of clubs in Spain on this case...and they are both talking about loans. I think Benni could go on loan because nobody is going to buy him and Sam wants him off the wages. At the moment the word is out to find two possible new strikers for January. Probably loans too. Somebody has to leave to pay for that. PS. There is no way in the world that he is going to Portsmouth, by the way.
  13. A thing of beauty...and NOT the shocking new Partick Thistle strip. http://www.ptfc.co.uk/media/photo_galleries/match_galleries/2009-2010/0310_airdrie_united/image_005 Top of the table. Deep joy.
  14. The clubs have been speaking for a couple of days and this should happen. Zurab is on big wages and in the current climate he probably needs to be off the payroll...I understand the amount of who pays what is the final hurdle here. It's cheaper than buying St.Ledger, so Boro think it makes good sense. Rovers should have enough cover with all of the defenders at the club now.
  15. jny


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