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  1. His number was up ages ago , we will never get promoted with this clown incharge , he’s no excuse because over all we have a decent sqaud , just need a defence which he said he was addressing two seasons back. TAXI FOR MOWBRAY !
  2. Thats 8 losses out of the first 20 games, playoffs!!!!!!!! don’t make me laugh. We will never go anywhere with this clown in charge.
  3. Great to be back to normality, so after borós draw at Brentford we did well on Tuesday
  4. We’re doing ok at the moment need to be more consistent and clinical in front of goal . After ten or so games we will see how we are going to fair over the season weather we are going to Nick one of those top two spots or settle for the lottery of the playoffs. But today hats of to the lads , they were great , especially BRERETON , long may it continue.
  5. If he’s half has good as sherwood was he’ll be a good un
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