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[Archived] Drummers: Should They Stay Or Should They Go

Should They Stay or Should They Go  

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  1. 1. Should They Stay or Should They Go ?

    • Keep Them. I like them.
    • Keep Them. But get them to drum in time
    • Keep Them. But get them to stop trying to put off the keeper
    • Keep Them. But only for big games
    • I simply don't care.
    • Get Rid. Simple as that
    • 0

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  • 3 weeks later...
At the last Euro home game (basle?) I think the drummer DIDN'T drum - does anyone else remember this? Was it something to do with it being on TV - means he might not be allowed tonight.

Always a pleasant experience when the drummer leaves his toys at home. Hopefully he will forget the early knick-off time tonight and we can all create our own atmosphere like the good old days!

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Ok managed to get down and have a chat with the ow'der one last night... would appear he has a Fan Club now especially made up from those that went via Amsterdam to Feynenoord.

Anyway, he is still resident until told to do one by the club, even though I will be having another word about the barracking of the keeper at goalkicks.

As for those who haven't shown face to chat to him then you only have yourself to blame - as he says those who don't like it give him your side (amicably)

However, thought they did ok last night (maybe because most of the crowd seemed up for it) and he managed to beak the skin on the drum.

So there you have it folks

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Took my 3-year old for his first game at Ewood last night. (He came down to Pompy at the start of the season - maybe he's jinxed or something!!)

Anyway, one of his first questions was "What's that banging noise?" So I explained that someone behind the goal had a drum and was banging it.

His next question was "Why does he have to keep making that noise?" Funnily enough no-one around us seemed to be able to give an answer to that one!!

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