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[Archived] Footy Quiz

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are you telling the truth

no i thought i would make it up for a laugh, what is this? the quiz result trial at crown court? :lol:

with my previous efforts in previous quizzes, i'm ###### delighted

i quote "Wednesday's quiz

You scored 10 out of a possible 10

Top marks! You have achieved everything there is to achieve in this game, and have nothing left to prove."

happy days

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It would be good to have AESF post a weekly crossword (if he's still doing them)

I can't promise to do one every week American, but here's a short simple one for you today....

Five clues from the grid below:



1. Newcastle boss falls on deaf ears here (3), even if Motty does politely do this (3).

2. There was one less of these in the Premiership when the Blades went down (6).

3. He could rival George Bush Snr in the "Read My Lips" stakes (7).


4. A midfielder with a well-known sexual prowess performed here in 1992. (4)

5. Not quite home of the Nou Camp, but perhaps home of the Blue Camp (10).

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