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[Archived] Footy Quiz

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Ok....................You scored 7 out of a possible 10

Not bad at all. There's still a couple of areas where you need to work on your game, but keep going like that and one day you might play for Accrington Stanley.

Most of them were guesses, how on earth are you meant to know which NBA team Thierry Henry follows?

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oh dear...on todays quiz:

You scored 1 out of a possible 10

You've just scored an own goal that Djimi Traore would be proud of.

the only answer I got right was which nba club Henry is supporting,..by guessing of course :P

Oh dear, poor score. I would have a word with the quiz manager.

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"they played them off the park"

How many "Parks" are there for football grounds in England Scotland & Wales.

And...don't. Everyone else will think you are really stupid.

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