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  1. Not the most ringing endorsement of Walton that Wigan chose to sign David Marshall rather than renew his loan deal. Still, time will tell I suppose.
  2. Every one of Fulham's signings looks a belter. I might stick a cheeky tenner on them for Europe.
  3. Like Coyle, Mowbray had a decent start to managerial life, but recent history shows that he's not a very capable coach. But, given our bargain-basement recruitment strategy, should we expect any less? We could sack him - given that he's failed to achieve what I'm sure was his mandate of avoiding relegation - but which out-of-work no-hoper will the Venkys appoint next? Until they are gone there will be no strategy, no plan, no decent prospective players or coaches. It's all irrelevant.
  4. Concept was excellent but most of the humour doesn't really land. Quite liked it though. I wasn't at all impressed, thought it was very much style over substance. Most of the characters were wooden and unbelievable and the plot had more holes than a Swiss cheese. Visually stunning, but let down by everything else.
  5. One of the finest films ever committed to celluloid.
  6. Saw Avatar last night and I genuinely think it's one of the best pieces of cinema I've ever seen. The storyline maybe wasn't entirely watertight but it was the perfect vehicle for showcasing the simply epic world of Pandora. I was absolutely transfixed for the whole viewing and left wondering where the time had gone. If you watch one film this, or maybe any year, make it Avatar.
  7. The 4th one's not half bad either. My personal favourite Gruber quote is "You asked for miracles Theo, I give you the FBI." With a nice lengthy pause between the F, B and the I.
  8. Have always been a Great British Menu fan and think I was one of the few in the stadium, when we played Portsmouth, who knew who he was when he came on to do the draw! Absolutely delighted he got a dish through - he deserved it after 3 top 3 finishes - and what a dish; Lancashire Hotpot!! Got us a little bit of PR, and the guy comes across as a really genuinely nice bloke (together with Glyn Purnell and Danny Miller)!
  9. It was the gamecube I think and, like you, I don't recall it being particularly good. Ditto the Crash Bandicoot one, I bought Tag Team Racing having absolutely loved the original and Crash Nitro Kart and it was terrible, don't think I drove more than half-a-dozen circuits.
  10. You know what I would pick him above Warnock because, after all, he is English and... oh, wait...
  11. Oh, give it a rest. People the world over do this every day (not that I'm condoning it in anyway shape or form) but, because they're footballers, you give them chapter and verse. People make mistakes. People kill other people. They do not warrant threads attributed to them. I request mods to close this please, it's not about football, it shouldn't be here.
  12. Thought I'd regenerate (think that's been said before!) this thread in light of the new series... serious scope for a brilliant series with rumours of the characters due back in the later episodes! Really looking forward to the return of the Ood, the Sontarans, Rose and Martha! Saturday's episode was fairly typical Doctor Who, thrills, spills and laughs throughout. I loved it!
  13. Been playing a bit of Bioshock, MY GOD THAT GAME'S GOOD! If you have an Xbox 360 or a PC, buy it, buy it now. It's dark, dirty, scary, beautiful, sad, jumpy, difficult, it's everything you want in a computer game and more. Truly, truly brilliant. Let no-one tell you it's repetitive 'cos they've clearly not paid attention to the game. Puts Crysis in the shade.
  14. My new PC turns up tomorrow, so I can FINALLY play Crysis that's been sat in my cupboard for about a month. Anyone played it? Thoughts?
  15. Has anyone played Crysis yet on the PC? Have ordered it along with a new PC just to play it!
  16. Giving one of the biggest jobs in world football to one of the worst Premiership managers was asking for trouble, McClown couldn't organise a subbuteo defence let alone meld that shower of sh*t into something constituting a "back four".
  17. Terrible formation, terrible performance. Lampard man of the match, are you having a laugh? Dunno who voted that one but I'd get them off the drugs and into rehab pronto.
  18. I too watched Transformers at the weekend and thought it was absolutely superb! Kept me grinning throughout the whole thing, both with it's wit and it's general metal-grinding, CGI brilliance! One of those films you come out of the cinema thinking "I can't wait to see that again".
  19. Jenas is one of the most over-rated piles of (to quote Alan Sugar, appropriately) tut [too-t] to grace the Premiership. He's nothing short of average: neither strong in the tackle nor good with the pass, demonstrated on a day-to-day basis by his performances for Spurs. Quite why he made the England squad ahead of so many other deserving candidates is beyond me. McClaren may have finally had the guts to bring back Beckham, but his continuation of the Lampard-Gerrard central midfield pairing (though that's probably the best we've seen of them) and the decision to pick certain players from high profile clubs over those who have had much better seasons (mentioning no names) suggests that Steve hasn't learnt from his predecessor's mistakes. Perhaps we shouldn't read too much into a friendly - particularly given that, after switching to 4-5-1, England went ahead - but 'mini-Sven' has a loooong way to go before he's to prove he can cut it at international level. His gameplay is largely negative, his peristence with certain players; aggravating... and the decision not to play Bentley; just down-right idiotic
  20. In the words of somebody worldly and profound... ...yeeeeeeeesssssssssssssss!!
  21. I only caught the second half, but watched it in the pub with a hammers fan and he was very complimentary about McCarthy and Ooijer. From what I saw we looked the better side but our final ball from both sides of the pitch was weak to say the least. Bad decision for the corner too.
  22. Just to say sorry to everyone for not doing the preview as I was meant to! My harddrive decided to die on me and I haven't been able to get my computer up and running till today, so sorry about that.
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