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[Archived] Fantasy Baseball 2008

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Were hoping to do another manual draft this year, and seeing as last years took a long time and caused a bit of controversy the sooner we start the better.

The proboard has been created and the address is


If you want to play join up to the boards and express your interest. With a maximum of sixteen teams you will need to get your teams in quickly to avoid any dissapointments.

New players are always welcome, although with the league quite competitive its probably best you know a little about baseball.

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I know, the yahoo game will be up and running in the next couple of weeks, and the list should be available then.

The draft takes quite a while though so I'm starting early, shouldn't really need a list of players to choose at first because they're pretty obvious. (1. A. Rodriguez 2. Jose Reyes etc...)

There is some advice on the Yahoo pages

Yahoo Bigger Board

Other helpful websites

Fantasy Baseball Cafe

Fantasy Baseball.com

Hope these help make your draft choices easier

*****P.S. ONE PLACE LEFT*****

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Alas some teams have not come back so will be picking a random draft order again!

Anyone can win from any draft position anyway, being near the top didn't help Lousada last time, neither did being last hinder Geds Mets.

Hoping to start drafting this weekend, if we can get one more team!!

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Filled guys! well done.

Draft order will be on here in a hour or so.

Make sure you keep checking the boards as often as possible, to help the draft keep going and finish as soon as possible.

Don't forget the season starts early this year, 25th March 2008 so we haven't got too long.

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Draft Order Results

1. The Young Ones

2. nemesis

3. Bluejays

4. Marlinboyz

5. ATL Rovers

6. Broncoblue's Numpties

7. Redrose 49er

8. Roger's Dodgers

9. Ged's Mets

10. Ricardo Giants

11. Astros Rebel

12. AD Lousada

13. Blackburn Red Sox

14. Paris Breezers

15. Schilling me Softly

16. American

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I've registered, but I've no idea how to go about aquiring a team. If it's up to the Admin to sort it out I'll be the Oldham Athletics. Ta.

really sorry mate, my disseration is handed in tomorrow so I've been all over the place of late, I thought you might be "doug"

Any problems with the draft then you'll be the first one to know and hopefully we can get you in!


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