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[Archived] What Is It?

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However the round object was just the top of a water outlet for a power station.

Has anyone ever fallen for a Media April Fool's joke?

To my shame I have once.

On the morning of the 2000 Calcutter Cup game at Murrayfield (England got stuffed), there was a report on the BBC Sports bulletin about how the scotts had decided to paint the whole of the Murrayfield pitch into a giant cross of St Andrew's, using the paint they use for the adverts on pitches etc. And showed the pitch marked out as such.

Then showed some footage of some players with paint on them after playing a practice game.

Muggins here, hungover and not really grasping what date it was, then told his mates on the way to the pub, and then couldnt understand why they'd cleaned the pitch up and turned it back to normal.

Ho hum

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