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[Archived] Soccer Am


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Tim Lovejoy was a bit wet (always remember when The Dirty Pretty Things were on and one of them spilt - well may have spat some milk on him and he nearly started crying because he had milk on his clothes) He always bannged on about rubbish cooking programmes and now he does one himself on a sunday. For some reason I always got the impression the Lovejoy thought he was a Rockstar. I was also in WH Smith yesterday and saw he had a book out which was in the footballers autobiography section - what a load of rubbish.

Didnt like Goldstein at all. He thought he was funnier than the guests but all his jokes were the ones that would make you groan.

New guy. Give him a break he has only had two goes so far. Yes he is reading from the auto cue a bit to much and needs to relax but I guess that will come in time.

I would love to see Richard Bacon having a go at it if they had to change again.

Rovers on Soccer AM this week - when they were doing the history of Blackburn thing I am sure they said that Foggerty was a famous Rovers fan - I am sure he supports Man U? Could be wrong through.

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What happened to Andy Goldstein does anybody know?

Had the pleasure of standing next to him on the tube a couple of weeks ago. He was talking to some guy from Setanta. He asked if you get free Sky and Setanta when you work for Setanta, the producer guy explained that he didn't think so as they are in competition.

All in all it was an interesting conversation covering which teams female sports presenters say they support and if they are just saying so to get on in the biz, why there are no funny female comedians and what type of food you'd get in Tokyo (they agreed on Japanese).

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer

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