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[Archived] Stroke Boy watch August 2008

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I cant believe we would have gone through the whole summer without addressing the single most deficiency of our team...PACE!

Have to agree completely, it gets behind defence's stretches them and we have none <_<

QUOTE (Ste B @ Sep 1 2008, 18:57 ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Breaking news..

Stroke Boys coming up on Sky Sports news for the rest of the night.

I've been reading this but never witnessed it, a stroke on live TV can't wait. whats his real name?

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Haha who's watching SSN?

Drogba seen at Rovers...Brilliant.

Also what is this stroke boy thing all about?

Stroke Boy.. Aka Andy Burton. So called as it looked like he was about to have a stroke during the last transfer window.

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Insight to Mr Andy Burton!

*Cant recall who but he was given the nickname by a member of this board last January

*He was on SSN looking Confused and sweaty, botching his lines etc

*He reported "goings on at Ewood" at 11pm............nothing happened

*Smacked Richard Bacon once hahahaha :lol:

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We should all send emails in linking X player with a certain club. See if Stroke Boy reads it out.

Top entertainment, for one night only catch it whilst you can. :lol:

This is great. What does he do for the rest of the year? He should be on every night. I demand he has his own show.
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