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[Archived] Wallpapers

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Don't know if anybody is interrested, but I've made a few Wallpapers with players.

They are very much a like, as i use them in Windows 7 with slideshow wallpaper.

They are in 1440x900.

I hope this link works :


If nobody cares, or if i'm not suppose to post this kind of message, i'm very sorry.


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i know for some reason they have stopped doing it now. I have looked every were for one but still have had no look

I can't remember when I didn't have it as my wallpaper.

Now I'm stuck with a Blackburn sign merging into a black background, its alright.

Perhaps someone who actually has a clue what to do with Photo-shop could make one?????

Can you make one with his "New Look". :lol:

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