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[Archived] E3 2009

Guest Kamy100

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Guest Kamy100

The annual Electronic Games conference starts today.

This year they have returned to the old open format so it is going to be huge.

The big three will be having conferences over the next 48 hours:

Microsoft - Tonight at 6.30pm - Expecting some big announcements

Nintendo - Tomorrow at 5pm - Nintendo may reveal next Zelda game

Sony - Tomorrow at 7pm - Huge press conference for Sony, expected to reveal some huge news in terms of games. Also going to reveal the new PSP (PSP GO) and a rumour that they will reveal PS3 SLIM!

Other highlights for us footy fans are that EA will be unvailing FIFA 2010 and Konami will be revealing PES2010.

There are going to be lots of videos etc coming out and I will try and keep this thread updated. You can also watch the press conferences etc live at Gametrailers E3 Coverage .

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Thanks Kamy – need somewhere to keep up to date without being bombarded with adverts!

Although I suspect I’ll be investing in Fifa 2010 regardless, it will be interesting to see what they can offer the average PES convert such as myself. I’m not expecting much more than a kit update and slightly improved gameplay so whatever happens I doubt I will be disappointed.

I’ll be very interested so see if my previous favourite franchise, PES, makes up any ground this year. Alas – they have such a long way to go, any slip ups this time will have even the most ardent PES fan jumping on the EA juggernaut.

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Yes I heard that. I always take EA’s promises with a pinch of salt though, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. A case in point is this years Fight Night. I played the demo and although it’s fantastic, the gameplay is essentially the same with a few tweaks – can’t grumble though it’s a good formula so why reinvent the wheel - I’m still awaiting the full release with baited breath.

I think I’ll be happy if EA don’t mess too much with a winning formula – PES did it after Evo 5 and look what happened. I agree with them slowing the game down a bit as long as there is a benefit to it as just slowing down the game won’t make a ha’peth of difference on it’s own. Not sure what else is planned so don’t take this as me being cynical, E3 will confirm all the rumours for sure, but making the tricks a little more instinctive and less “scripted” would be a good move.

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Guest Kamy100

Microsoft conference just finished, here are the highlights:

Crackdown and Left For Dead 2 - Exclusive


New MGS Confirmed For 360

Final Fantasy In Spring 2010

Another Halo Game

Facebook and Twitter on 360

Alan Wake Spring 2010

New Beatles Game

Really good showing from Microsoft, the new controller (Project Natal) looks like one of the biggest innovations that the industry has ever seen. There were also trailers for Call Of Duty, check out www.gametrailers.com for them.

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There is a lot of awesome in that keynote right there. Can not WAIT for the Beatles Rock Band. I love the music games, playing drums is so much fun. So getting Beatles songs to play is going to be brilliant. Lots of other very interesting stuff as well. The new Splinter Cell, Crackdown 2 (had a lot of fun with the first one). I´m not at all sure about this new control thingy. Maybe I´m too conservative but I don´t see any harm in the old gamepad.

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Guest Kamy100

Sony Press Conference Highlights:

PSP GO Dated and Priced

Gran Tourismo on PSP


Resident Evil On PSP

Rockstar North Exclusive For PS3

Final Fantasy 14 PS3 Exclusive and out 2010 - Same Year as FF13!!!

New Motion Controller For PS3

Trico From Maker Of Eco FINALLY SHOWN


God Of War 3

In addition to this they showed God Of War 3, was a 5 minute demo with the developer playing it and it looked awesome. They also showed gameplay footage of Uncharted 2. You can see these at www.gametrailers.com

Great line up for Sony and superb press conference.

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