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[Archived] Arsenal V Blackburn Rovers


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:rover: we may have conceded 6 at the emeirates but i would rovers go and give them a game,than last season when we lost 4-0 and played terrible football.we were in the game for 70 mins,and the refereeing was very poor :brfcsmilie:

Thats the way I saw it. Improvement - with our main centre back missing, and probably our 1st choice defnsive midfielder too!

Is it just me that can't stand that smug smile on Fabregas's face. He reminds me of that prat Ronaldo.

I cant stand the little pr!ck either, or Van Percy! Both top drawer players, but arrogant little n0bs!

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Look 5:20 in this vid.


The Ref smiling was the first one to congratulate the Arsenal player with his goal.

Makes me sick.

I could understand anyone involved in football smiling after some of the Arsenal goals but that one was decidedly ordinary.

My better half spotted what probably actually happened (I too was moaning about the smiling Peter Walton at the time on Sunday).

Watch the clip again, as Arshavin wheels away when the ball goes in, Walton actually gestures Arshavin to go and celebrate further up the field - because Arshavin has scored and then headed directly towards the away section of the Emirates. He probably forgot what end he was at. You can just about lip read Walton saying "that way"

I think that was the joke, rather than anything sinister to do with a fairly ordinary goal, or the way the game was going.

That doesn't excuse Walton for the crap penalty decision, but I think there probably is an innocent explanation for the smile - and in fact good quick reactions to stop the player going to celebrate in front of the wrong fans.

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Personally it's Van Persie who most ignites the fire in my soul :angry2:

One of my best friends used to play with Van Persie for the Holland underage teams and said that he was an arrogant p##ck! He told me this story when my friend was playing for the AZ Alkmaar reserves against the Feyenord reserves. In the game Van Persie skinned my friend before scoring. After the game, the Dutch youth team met up before an international and the whole team were sitting down watching MOTD for Holland which even shows the reserve games. When the clip of Van Persie skinning my friend game up, apparently Van Persie spun round in his seat and just sneered at my friend, who nearly hit him!

As for the game, we did well to take the lead twice, but it was so disappointing that we couldn't hold onto it for any length of time and frustrate Arsenal. I know that Keith Andrews gets a hard time on this board and even though I'd seen his poor play before, I was shocked at how bad it was on Sunday and just how he shouldn't be anywhere near this level. He was absolutely shocking. His passing was totally crap, he continually gave the ball away and was clearly out if his depth. Another player who I thought was awful was Diouf. I don't see what he brings to our team, apart from a good work ethic, like Andrews. He has no pace, he doesn't run at players and take them on, he isn't a goal threat and all I can see from him is someone who will put a shift in for you.

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Should have been a penalty but wasn't given. Overall first half I didn't think we played that badly. The first goal was funny but we'll take that there, they couldn't deal with it and I felt we should have thrown more balls and bodies into their box like that.

Their equaliser was a good goal, nothing you could do about that but he had too much time on the ball before he hit it. For the second, Dunn should have thought maybe Im being too critical and he should have stood on the ball and risked taking a yellow.

Overall Robbo did well all be it concede 6, it could have been 10 quite easily. I felt our heads down when the 4th went in. At times, we lacked width on the left and Diouf seems to lack a bit of pace.

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For what it's worth, Jeff Winters reckons it should have been a pen.

Hadn't realised we are the most badly reffed against side in the Prem according to Winters.

Only goes to add substance about what alot of us have argued over the years and believe - that we are reffed poorly with alot of major/incorrect decisions going against us

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