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[Archived] Spending Per Month

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Hi guys! just looking to move into a house at the moment and wondering how much everyone spends per month, i know how much the mortagage is but everything else is unknown to me!!

its a 3 bed detached in altham.

I keep trying to work it out roughly, but dont even really know how much id spend on food, there would be three of us in the house

I've so far counted on (per month for us 3):

Food around £210

Sky & broadband £50

Electric £25

Gas £30

Water £30

Council Tax £50

Tv Licence £10

House insurance £150

So around £555 between us on food and bills + mortagage.

That sound about right?

what else do people spend their money on?

Ive got:

house, phone, car, petrol, car insurance, general spends and savings. Anything you think ive missed?

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your council tax seems very low. unless you have it listed as per person. as for gas and electric, unless your on a meter you will find £40 might only just cover it.

as i live with my parents iv got quite a bit of cash spare, i buy my own food as i dont eat with the rest of the family but that comes to about £25 a week. then theres my season ticket, mobile phone contract, about it really

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Council Tax seems really low - mine is pretty much £1k per year for a Band A (the lowest).

TV license is a few quid short (and if it is your first license will be £23 ish for the first 6 months).

Gas and Lecky probably short by a bit

Water is dependant on the rateable value (unless its a meter) - we pay £26 a month here.

Insurance might be on the high side though? - depending what is actually insured.

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I live in a Band "C" house in Hyndburn and that is around the £140 pm mark - so your estimate of £150.00 sounds about right.

House insurance seems very high - I would say between 35-50 per month.

Gas is way too low - we are currently paying about 75 per month, but we are about £250.00 in credit, which is handy with the Winter bill coming up in January. Electric I would bump up to about £40.00.

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For three of you in that detached house I reckon PER MONTH:-


Gas & electric...................£90


Council tax.......................£150 (10 monthly payments)

TV Licence.......................£13

House Ins. (Buildings and Contents)......£23

Make sure your Building insurance covers allsorts including drain problems even if outside your property boundary and don't fall for the extra cover offered by other companies just on drains and plumbing.

Food could be a lot cheaper if you don't live like a king (like me :D ).

e.g.a big bowl of porage with a spoonful of honey stirred in keeps you going a long time for little money.

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