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[Archived] The £10 Challenge

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Nice one.

In an attempt to salvage part of the night I'm going for a £2 4-fold basketball bet:

North Carolina +1 @ Rhode Island

Dayton @ Mississipi

Oklahoma City Thunder -6.5 @ Philadelphia 76ers

Washington Wizards @ Houston Rockets -7.5

Potential win is: £26.06

If someone goes into administration then you get points deducted at the end of the season :)

Alright, I'll make a chairman's decision on this one and say that any re-buy is available, but it comes at a 40 pound deduction (obviously doesn't have to be paid, but will make it hard to lead the table).

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I'm gutted I was going to put £2 on brian munich to beat man u at the start of the second half 14/1 but didn't as it would have taken most of balance up on the first day.

:P Good old Watford ey Ffan ;) Think they are going down losing that badly to Palace.

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Live bets count I think, so long as it isn't obvious that someone was lying, but the honour system has to be employed. I'll update the excel spreadsheet and add the newcomers and the new bets.


Think I'll be keeping my powder dry until the weekend, but might put a pound or two down on some basketball games.

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I'm in, not putting any real money in but playing for the novelty.

All taken from Betfair:

Barca to win 3-1: 21/1

£2 stake.

Returns: £42

Vermaelen to be booked: 3/1

£1 stake.

Returns: £3

Arshavin to score: 11/4

£1 stake.

Returns: £2.25

Ibrahimovic to score: 15/8

£1 stake.

Returns: £1.92

That all good? Betfair describe the return as 'profit' but I was calculating the original stake in there too. I'm a bit new to this. :)

EDIT: So my remaining cash is £5. Just in case you were struggling. :lol:

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