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[Archived] the goatee

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its itching ,its annoying,its GREY lol and the wife is doing her nut ha......feel free to rub it when you see me on saturday even if i dont know you! (the goatee not the wife ;))

I also started growing a beard this year. Wife hates it. To which she was told, if I had known that I would have tried to grow two. (4 months on she hasn't complained anymore) Stops itching after a month or so.

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Abbey - I've been looking around NO1 for someone with a ginger beard for the last 2 games and failed to spot you so far. Give me a clue, I'm desperate to see if you look as I imagine!

you must need specsavers lol..17 stone of baldness and black grey goatee ,wearing an orange tebow jersey lol...come up and rub me .

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You should develop an obsession with DVDs and cds being straight and in some sort of order (actor/artist for me)

Alphebetical by genre:)

6 years of working for Blockbuster that.

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Is this magical goatee staying for the rest of the season?

only til our fate is known,i hate it !

17 stone!!!!

You need to keep away from Brook Street chippy pal :)

Goatee makes you look well `ard though, cant see many posters giving you abuse any longer.

Caption competition anyone? Hee hee

took your advice,stayed out the chippy last night and went to mcali's for a huge kebab instead lol.

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