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More garbage on twitter from roversinsider. Saying look in JW STAND today and see an invited manager - New appointment.

To be fair to roversinsider he/she adds that it probably wont be a replacement for Kean. Re the Walter Smith stuff, there was too much smoke for there not to have been anything in that.

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Im getting pretty pi**ed off with every EGGHEAD that gets interviewed saying Kean needs more time. can they all just F OFF!!!!!!

Not one pundit has the clubs or Keans to that matter best interest at heart, they only care for their own career and will not say anything contrary to what the other guys are saying, When Kean is sacked, sorry if he is sacked you will see all of them come out and say if they had'nt have sacked him Rovers would have gone into the abyss.

That all depends really on the manager they replace him with, MON or Hughes would get the job done but if they give the job to another rank amatuer the owners will really cop it in the ass about how they should have never got rid of Kean.

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30 games and 6 wins only get him out kean out.

All I know the owners were not here and that Kean will have a meeting on Monday, I reckon he will be here till Wednesday v Newcastle match.

There is always a post match meeting. But there is no judgement day monday for Kean. So this thread may as well be closed down.

Venkys and Kean are con merchants in my eyes.

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The first three wins shouldn't really be included as they were in the 6 weeks or so after Sam's sacking. Is that Kean' team? Surely not. Only after Kean brought some of his players in during the January transfer window could it said to be his.

So, what is that...3 wins in 22 games?

What's that? A 13% win rate?????????

Unfathomably bad.

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