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  1. Given that film was regarded as a disappointment, it would also be apt 😉
  2. The season after promotion from League One he was saying that, but then changed the narrative, (presumably hoping no-one noticed), to the never ending “journey” when we fell woefully short.
  3. I think 20,000 is optimistic, except for a home Play Off semi final. I will be amazed if we ever find that out, let alone get to Wembley.
  4. The home attendances tell you what fans think. That was our first win in five games. If Mowbray stays and we are still only a point behind the Play Offs at the business end of the season, then it would be fair to say he’s proved many people wrong. The chances of that, based on what we have seen in recent seasons and the lack of depth in the squad / possible departures in January, are slim.
  5. I agree, but with the best will in the World, we would now struggle to bring in someone from the top draw. Ainsworth is realistic and would be a good fit.
  6. Ainsworth got Wycombe in the Championship, when they were favourites for relegation from League One. I think even the likes of Klopp, Guardiola and Tuchel would've been hard pushed to achieve that at such a small club. Okay, they fell short and went back down last season after a poor start, but even then they made a decent fist of it, and are now pushing to come straight back. I agree that it isn't wise to appoint purely on a Rovers connection, but in Ainsworth's case I see that as a healthy bonus, rather than being the main reason for appointing him. I do think his personality and enthusiasm would help the club to re-engage with the supporters. It would get me back at Ewood for starters.
  7. What we need is a manager on his way up, who has demonstrated he can work on a limited budget. Ainsworth is a good example. What we will get, (eventually), is another unemployed occupant of Jurassic Park, eg Nigel Adkins.
  8. It’s certainly nothing to do with the price of season tickets / match tickets that’s keeping me away. If meaningful changes were made, I would most likely return.
  9. Utterly futile, in my opinion. From previous experience, we know that the owners wouldn't be listening and would take no notice. I think the inaction last Summer was the tipping point for many, (and certainly myself). If a change wasn't made then after yet another second half of the season slump, exacerbated by Mowbray's ridiculous comments, it's unlikely to be made any time soon. As we all know, the problems run much deeper, (and higher up), than just a mediocre / poor manager, and people can see this and have voted with their feet. That leaves the absolute diehards, the Facebook and Twitter Kool Aid crew, and an ever shrinking amount of those discontented but still putting up with it, attending home games. Ambivalence has replaced fight and anger.
  10. Of course Waggott’s happy with it. Money for old rope. Regarding the league position, the inevitable descent is underway. Will we finish 9th? Highly unlikely. The bottom half beckons, but hopefully the surprisingly good start will keep us away from trouble, (not guaranteed). Re - the chanting, I would imagine a large percentage of our ever shrinking home support are the “What do we want? Mediocrity. When do we want it? Now! “ brigade, who will no doubt shortly be taking to Facebook and Twitter to tell us how grateful we should be. Chanting would be futile, anyway. A vote with the feet sends the strongest message. Waggott will be delighted with the turn out of fans of a club he previously stole a living from. Anyway, enjoy the Kool Aid.
  11. A competent CEO needs to be appointed, then let him / her appoint a manager and have said manager report directly to the CEO. I agree that a decent manager would soon tire of having to deal directly with ignorant , India based owners.
  12. If they haven’t done that after more than a decade, what chance they ever will?
  13. I’m in Hull, but that’s not important right now. I wasn’t posting it because I think there is more chance that Elvis is living on the Moon, than us challenging for the Play Offs under this regime.
  14. ….. Exhibit ‘A’ of acceptance of dumbed down expectations.
  15. Yes, it all feels a bit deja vu. I'm amazed at the start, and long may it continue, but it is still very early days. The test will come when we hit a little sticky patch, which is inevitable at some point. That must not be allowed to degenerate into a trademark death spiral.
  16. This sounds promising, and you are right to keep shtum until any news comes out via the club. It's inevitable that people will speculate, though, especially when there are signals that something is brewing.
  17. That will probably only be an option if you don't have an East Lancs postcode.
  18. Yeah, let’s continue the journey with Mowbray as it’ll benefit a few of his best mates and provide valuable playing time for youngsters of Premier League clubs. Let’s face it, even if and when our hopeless owners sack him, their lackeys will scour Jurassic Park for the next terrible appointment, (who will make the likes of Hughton look like a new kid on the block). Catch 22.
  19. I’m not so sure about that. Mowbray is on record as telling the centre back from Charlton we were chasing, (a couple of years ago), that he wouldn’t be going straight into contention for the first team . ‘Personality’ of the manager being a factor I can agree with.
  20. The meek acceptance of a total lack of ambition is one of the reasons why I can no longer relate to the club. Been said many a time before, but even in the 80s, when we didn’t have a pot to p*ss in, we still had ambition.
  21. Wrong thread really, but whilst I certainly agree about the structure, I don’t agree about Mowbray. He has been pretty well backed until this Summer, and I would argue he is partly to blame for the situation we are now in. He only got the job due to the ignorance of the owners, (didn’t Chesterfield say “No thanks” shortly before we gave him the gig?), and at the vast majority of clubs he would’ve been long gone. Mowbray has done very well out of Venkys and Rovers. It’s because of the structure , (ie lack of a competent CEO), he’s here, and for the same reason he’s been allowed to long outstay his welcome. Some of his comments towards the end of last season were beyond ridiculous, but still he survived. But I agree that things will never change under these owners.
  22. Yeah, I get that, but was just wondering if that’s always been the case.
  23. Surely the match mentioned from 1967 wasn’t U23’s looking at the team?
  24. Was the Lancashire Senior Cup a bit like the Manx Cup of a later era, ie a glorified pre-season friendly competition?
  25. Which glosses over the fact that a complete donkey was given the shirt ahead of him., week in week out. That wasn’t King’s choice, and he did well enough at Bournemouth, (where he was played in the correct position).
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