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[Archived] FA Cup - Newcastle v Rovers: Preview


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Goodness - interesting allegation. While I would love to believe it, and it would give me yet another reason to want Kean gone, I cannot see that he 'forfeited' the match.

Put simply, I don't believe that the players would 'deliberately' lose. The method in which Kean forfeited the Cardiff game was by fielding a large number of youngsters. That did not happen here. Pure and simple, the team played poorly againat what was quality opposition.

To throw a bobs worth in, I also think Rev's heart is in the right place, but agree with Mercerman et.al that the Walker Trust, in whatever way they could, kept the team respectable and competitive in the EPL for many years, against vastly richer opponents. The rapid downslide we have experienced is, plain and simple, completely down to what has occurred post-Big Sam, and may well come home to roost as he extends his middle finger come May while we swap places with the Hammers.

And Topman's avatar gets a +1 from me also.


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He wasnt happy with rochina going off and negative tactical change and made kean aware of this, and aparently had an argument with him again 2 mins from end on touch line when supposedly kean told the team to throw the match.

I was at the game and did see MGP getting a bit flustered on the touch line, but I thought that maybe he had just seen a replay of just how ###### he had been in the match. Seriously, I have been a big supporter of Peds but he was so bad on Saturday - lazy, poor on the ball, and generally uninterested.

As for Rochina - what a frustrating player to watch. He can dribble as good as anyone but when an opportunity comes to play a killer ball to a free player, he can't see it or chooses not to pass, then inevitably loses the ball, falls over or drops like he has been shot when tackled.

If SK did tell MGP to throw the game then he has hit a new low, amd I hope he suffers the consequences.

Anyone looked on gamst.co.uk for his version?

BTW, great vocal support from the a rovers fans.

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Only that Kean has stated the opposite - 'we were desperate to win the game'

Thats proof enough for me.

As repeatedly shown (including in court), basically the truth is the direct opposite of any words that squeeze out through Kean's lips when his lizard-tongue takes a brief break from flicking across his lying gob.

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