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[Archived] outsider so can someone please explain?

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And if you can't understand it broken down that much, then it is pointless continuing and I'm glad I only have about half an hour left here until I next return.

How on earth will you get the attention you so desperately crave?

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And I am saying whilst the manager may not have been booed, the players were never fully supported. Apathy isn't support.

Therefore every team that gets relegated potentially gets relegated because of it's fans. All clubs who are towards the bottom of the league get fans who are jumpy, not fully supportive when behind and booed off after defeats.

What you are saying is that if we were some kind of never-before-seen super supporters we may have stopped up.

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So please explain exactly what you think I am arguing, and what you are arguing. In simple terms. Not rambling on, just stripped down like that.

You're arguing what you said in your post which is highlighted here, and I'm telling you that you're talking nonsense. No arguments from this side.

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Do you know what supported to the hilt means? That would be going beyond what normally happens at a game and have singing for the team for the full 90 minutes. Nobody expects that and nobody can say it happens. I personally feel it goes a hell of a lot the other way. There was no real chants for the players aside from the odd Feed The Yak chants. You obviously don't remember the days when fans used to sing their hearts out for positive things as opposed to solely negative things.

It doesn't make sense to say the players were supported when the chanting was all against Kean and Venky's. It would be understandable to say those songs didn't attack the players, and that is fair enough, but when you combine it with the lack of real singing for the team, the booing of players such as Roberts, Pedersen, Andrews (more than others) and Petrovic make it blatantly obvious that they weren't even adequately supported.

Christ almighty .. Wished I was still in Corfu!! Not looked at results for two weeks. , take it we won ?

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I'll explain it to any outsiders.

Let's imagine I own a company that fits double glazing. Instead of employing someone who actually knows how to fit double glazing I employ a plumber. The problem is he has no idea and keeps fitting the double glazing unacceptably wrong. It's costing me a load of cash and the clients he is fitting the window for is not happy.

The clients are obviously not happy and get angry with the plumber when he is trying to fit the windows as they can see it's completely incorrect. Some people say that instead of saying "That's wrong again, You don't know what you are doing" to the plumber when he is working, the client should support the plumber more and say "That's not right but keep going and trying and you will get better". These people think this will make the plumber do a better job. There's a chance he may do a slightly better job as the pressure on him may be reduced but it would never be good enough as he simply doesn't know how to fit windows.

I would sack the plumber and get someone else in except for his dad is a major powerful shareholder in another company I work with. If I upset him god knows what trouble HE could get me into. I best not tell you about that though.

Now for some reason I can't explain all of my clients only want to use me to get their new windows. They can't go anywhere else. Kind of like when you can't change what football team you support. However they now seem to be saving their money and not bothering with windows at all.

I'm so confused. Give me another month to think about it.

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