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Follow a few pro skiers and ski companies as a skier myself but other than that:

Gary Lineker, Ricky Gervais, Frankie Boyle, Al Murray, BRFC Action group, Henry Winter, sportingintelligence.

Few other random ones too, not a huge user but use it to keep updated with some random stuff. Others have come and gone as some accounts on there start to annoy me after a while. If anyone else has any other good ones worth following be keen to hear.

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Only follow Kazim Richards if you want to hear about fam n all dat

Seriously no idea what's he's talking about!

I'm @tommarsland as it says over there <--------

But I don't have much of interest to say

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I tend to not take twitter seriously (infact i take very little seriously) so i follow silly stuff that amuses me, like ;-


@TheBig_Sam ....hilarious Big Sam spoof profile

@vizcomic .....viz comic

@TwopTwips ....sarcastic top tips

@wagnaFartWet ....twitter-type profanisaurus

@CherylKerl ....fake Cheryl Cole profile

@madeupstats ....what it says on the tin

@VenkysBlackburn ....spoof Venkys profile

@mynameaborat .... spoof Borat profile

@RealBobMortimer ....genuine Bob Mortimer account. VERY funny guy.

@Bloddys_world ....often amusing, sometimes cruel ALWAYS honest rovers fan.

@JCautomatic ....follow the life of a geordie hairdresser. Very funny guy.

@_Enamem_ ....plays with words. JCautomatics twitter pal

@Monkey_TennisTV ....tv show ideas

@qikipedia .....tv show QI elves on twitter. Amusing & informative stuff.

@TheRoyCropper ....spoof Corrie character profile

@Sickipediabot ....sick & tasteless jokes a plenty

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