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[Archived] Russel Crowe's UFO photos

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I certainly have seen NOTHING like a UFO ever in my life. A number of people claim to. So, I'm officially sceptical. Even if it were something in the sky, it could be something top-secret or a lot of things. I did see one time a weather balloon catch on fire in the sky and it was reported on the news. Of course, it goes without saying, we are one small part of the universe and life could exist elsewhere. In fact, I think it probably does, perhaps more intelligent than us.

So anyone's personal experiences or opinions are welcome.


One thing I have heard is that before the post-World War II error, there were not many UFO sightings. Sightings mainly began post-World War II.

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I mainly found this an interesting story to just talk about UFOs and I'm suprised that it does seem a number of people will say they have seen things. Whenever a few people are together, it is amazing how many may say they have seen something. I have never seen anything. We can discount a lot of things but it would probably be difficult to discount every single story one hears.

Once I did see something intriguing in the sky but was not able to get a good handle on what it was, it was probably a plane, the lights caught my eye. I eventually stopped the car to try to get a better look but too many trees around basically.

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Whilst I'm sure UFO's exist, they're much more likely to be advanced military craft as opposed to extraterrestrial vehicles, as Jock alludes to in the post above. I'm sure most people would be stunned to know the true level of technology available to the Government. It'd probably make these Google Glasses seem like child's play.

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Cletus: thanks, that is a very good video.

I knew a man who was an air traffic controller, this was some years ago, he was a World War II veteran but he said that as controllers, they saw things, blips on their screen ever so often.

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