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  1. He had one very good half, Lenihan had a good game. Would have gone with Pickering or Ayala myself. At least Mowbray doesn't sub Rothwell at the earliest opportunity but it doesn't look likely that he'll sign an extension. Sad if he leaves for peanuts in Jan, or nothing come next summer.
  2. Clarkson doesn't look ready yet. Think he'll switch it up a little come Saturday.
  3. Game of two halves. Backline excellent, especially Pickering impressed me against a very good player in Wilks. Kaminski looked little assured at times. Well taken goals, mammoth Ayala nods home again before BBD scored a beauty. Need to come quicker out of the blocks, but good to see Mowbray reacted and made some adjustments. Butterworth looks a lively one, and will score soon if he keeps getting minutes.
  4. Ash Phillips started for England U17 tonight in their 2-1 win over Portugal. Was on the bench in the 2-0 win vs. Romania. Looking forward to the reviews of him going forward, sounds a very exciting prospect.
  5. I don't think Breo suits playing the lone forward role tbh. So far this season the answer is yes, but looking back a couple of seasons we all know the answer. I would love for Sam to go through a purple patch, but I don't think the anticipation and finishing technique is there for him to become a great goalscorer over time.
  6. I don't mind Sam Gallagher leading the line at this point, but I'm unsure whether we have enough good finishers to stay competitive. I think we have a mid-table manager managing a mid-table squad, so that's where my expectations lie. There used to be a video on the Rovers website with finishing challenge. Can't find it now, but it sums up Sams abilities inside the box. Not too fuzzed about Rhys Healey not joining, if that story is correct. Either someone more proven or someone who can develop into the next Arma for me.
  7. 10:18pm Had the links to Oli Burke played down by those around the club.
  8. Wasting time and money on signing too many players in the same positions. Khadra and Poveda will probably come with guaranteed playing time as part of their package (to negotiate the price down), agree?
  9. Scraping the bottom of the barrel by now in our striker search.
  10. https://twitter.com/AndyBayes/status/1432813773438472192?s=20
  11. We're in need of a striker to contribute with some goals. I'm not convinced our current squad (+ Burke) have enough goals in them.
  12. This video sums up Burke pretty well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTtnV8vWDZA
  13. He'll probably be the only loan signing with a view...
  14. No wonder we're signing anyone proper if we're wasting time on the likes of Burke. Keanish signing, he probably reminds him a little of a young Kevin Gallacher.
  15. I'd take Akinfenwa over Burke. He'll emulate Breos first season if he signs.
  16. Thierry Henry was a winger when Wenger signed him. And there ends any comparison.
  17. Just trying to make sense of it all. He'll probably sign for someone before the deadline.
  18. Can't believe Obafemi hasn't been announced by club x yet. If he ends up staying at Soton then he must be on some gigantic wages there. Anything else doesn't make sense to me.
  19. They never post anything that can jeopardise their relationship with the club. Always names a player we were chasing or just when we're about to sign him. If the club wants to cast some bait, then they'll let them name them too, like Obafemi. O'Rourke is freelance I believe, so he doesn't have the same ties to the club.
  20. Good player, but never really fulfilled his promise. I have a feeling Mowbray wants someone quicker, rather than another target man. Gallagher can fill that role.
  21. Only if he doesn't sign we'll know it's totally separate.
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