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[Archived] Blackburn Supporters Consultation Minutes

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5 hours ago, Suhail Slayer said:

Venkygraph readers have a different outlook on life :-


Beetlejuce ReplyingSuhail Slayer 7:54am Tue 18 Apr 17

Already read them, just shows how ignorant and self important one particular set of fans think they are. The personal attacks by Mark Fish on Cheston in particular are appalling and if any fan reading his diatribe still wonders why neither Venky's or Pasha will talk to the fans there is your answer. We need Venky's to come out of their shells and talk to us but there is no way on this earth they are going to if that's the sort of abuse they will get. Every Rovers fan is hurting and has been for nigh on seven years, but Cheston wasn't here seven years ago, he's not to blame. Until that certain set of fans realise that screaming abuse won't work we are going to be stuck on this fecking hamster wheel forever, right now it's total war against the wrong people v total indifference from 4000 miles away. Beetlejuce


RoversSwiss ReplyingBeetlejuce 10:19am Tue 18 Apr 17

Agree with you about this group of fans, they've done almost as much damage as the Venky's.


Not everybody has woken up obviously. Utter morons.

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I've always found mark fish to be a very honest , open , passionate rovers fan that says the things that need to be said when no one else does. Imo he represents a good section of the fan base that can't get their voices heard and I for one thank him for it

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Mark Fish: "That’s thanks to one man. That’s thanks to that man sat there next to you. He’s the man who’s lifted the fans’ spirits at the Football Club. He’s the one who deserves the thanks. He’s given belief in the way we play again. It’s Tony Mowbray who’s made everyone positive. Nobody sat on that table apart from him."

wow! and reading the other questions, Mike Cheston and his gang will now know the fans mean business. What a farce, actually so many rubbish replies to the questions. Lets be honest, and Mike doesnt have to tell you this, but we all know, that we are in serious @#/? financial difficulty 

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