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[Archived] Moved handbags from the Annual Season Ticket Poll thread

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35 minutes ago, meadows said:

The owner of the board for example admitted to me yesterday that a noted contributor had advised that the board ought to "allow a certain amount of "Islamaphobia" as the volume of responses usually outweighs the original iniquity of the posts."

I personally think that's a very dangerous approach which does the Forum little credit. 

But it would also confirm from the horse's mouth that racism is never far from the surface on certain threads  

I tend not to read those and was shocked to see a flagrantly xenophobic post on a thread regarding season ticket sales

I enjoy much of what's posted on here whether I agree with it or not and whether I choose to contribute or not 

I'll continue to view the forum, mainly football matters, as and when I please thanks very much 

Your prediliction for "strawman" and "ad hominem" arguments about my Twitter activity or anything else I freely choose to say or do are entertaining but grounded in no factual foundations whatsoever 

As with Stuart, if you get your rocks off more by having a pop at me than looking at what was an inflammatory post and sorting out what was a repellent use of the board, fair enough, it maybe spares readers having to witness any other sectors of society or minorities getting panned 

Enjoy the rest of your day

Again I should reiterate that the owner, poster or users' opinion doesn't reflect the opinion of the whole of these boards as a whole. These are messageboards to remark about football; within football you have a varying range of political views. If we banned anyone from holding views separate to what the majority of the general public deem morally acceptable we'd have a remarkably small community, unfortunately.

First and foremost this is a football messageboard. Politics is a side matter.

All views, political or otherwise, have a right to be displayed and a right to be challenged. It is one of the pillars of liberalism. Dunnfc's views were wrong, again, but they were hardly inciting a mass uprising or indeed classified as 'hate speech'. He had a right to air them and you had a right to challenge them. Again, I don't agree with them and they certainly aren't representative of me.

It is certainly not true that racism is 'never far from the surface'. Whilst right-wing views may be expressed on politic threads you'll find an equal, if not more, number of left-wing views challenging that. They openly debate on there. I'm pretty sure the thread has almost 100 pages and you are free to express any opinion, so long as you aren't falling foul of UK laws on hate speech.

You do that. Again I take no umbrage to you using these boards, you are a decent poster, the problem is when you manipulate the wording of an individuals post and try to broadly apply that to us all in an attempt to discredit each of us.

You only need to look through your twitter for the facts, James. The perpetrator of such accusations never sees anything wrong in what they are doing.

Unlike yourself 'having a pop' at others isn't what 'gets my rocks off'. You wasn't sorting out a repellent use of the board at all you were attempting to define us all as casual racists in another tweet aimed at deriding the users of BRFCC. It isn't the first time you have done it. Stop retreating to the victim role the minute you are called out - again, this isn't the first time you've done that.

You are a grown man so start acting like it. By having little digs separate to the realm in which we can respond is just plain petty.

If you can't differentiate between calling someone out on their views and trying to create an image of a board of racists then you are either stupid or plain deceitful.

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15 minutes ago, meadows said:

Blackburn people/Rovers fans "Like the Town itself over taken by migration and immigration and not a fight it just happened."

Care to point out which "single word" I (deliberately!) misinterpreted there old bean?


You know it already old boy.

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3 hours ago, AllRoverAsia said:

This sites owners and mods should be looking at a current MB member posting on a leading social media site the following:

"Never far from a bit of casual racisim on BRFCS"

I have deliberately highlighted certain words which, imo, is fair due to the posters argument here being based on the meaning of one word, which, again imo, he/she has taken out of context.

The above quote is clearly against this site and its membership and this is a shameful action.

No way in what I said falls under the definition of racism it was silly to even suggest so especially when conceivably it doesn't even appear in the context the individual initially suggested, quite why anyone would make the effort in which this individual has gone to over twitter and on here to justify his allegation is worrying to say the least, I can only put it down to someone who perhaps might be a bit miffed or scorned at something possibly professionally. In this instance you can take it offensively or as a compliment that someone has spent time focussing upon you of which I have and feel extremely flattered. Either way thanks for pointing out that it does look like taking out of context, I know we both have some banter and tasty posts at each other when disagreeing with ones opinion. ;)

2 hours ago, Dreams of 1995 said:

But it wasn't an exposé, old boy. You didn't highlight his name, you merely insinuated that this kind of rhetoric is accepted and central to this board when, in fact, it isn't. By exposing him on this board and garnering the support you got you adequately "exposed" him as an "empty vessel biggot". Haha.
What you then proceeded to do was take the high ground you held and blow it to smithereens by launching yet another veiled jibe at these boards.

There are topics available to you on this messageboard to challenge Dunnfc's views. The posts on these forums by other users do not directly represent the views of all board users. We accept the opinions of others and challenge them likewise - what we shouldn't do, as a mature man, is try and use those views of an individual to further your campaign to paint these boards as a place of hate.

So, again to summarise, the exposing of Dunnfc isn't what made you pathetic or embarrassing; the attempt to catergorise this board as a hotbed of racism was. What made me define you as a man with 'no shame' is the fact you use this tactic almost daily on your twitter feed to pick at others for varying reasons. As said, a quick 5 minute glance at your feed suggests a hobby of yours is to create an argument out of nothing to satisfy your own ego.

If you don't like these boards then don't use them. The same way I don't read newspapers, forums or websites I don't like.

Absolutely spot on Dreams, people might say my opinion is awful and that's fair game, I get enough people on here challenging me! End of the day it's an opinion some may agree some might not. The allegation of being a racist and it touted elsewhere I found extremely disappointing and damaging, I'm very confident and assured that what was initially said in which may appear obtuse or ridiculous to some was indeed defiantly not racist by definition nor was it ever intended to be considered racist, additionally other adjectives such as xenophobic, Bigoted etc. Unfortunately I think there is a small minority in society recently which like to appear outraged on behalf of someone else, usually deriving from those with "left" views. I don't mind confessing I'm conservative and slightly right, but I realise common sense and in true tory form "class" which an "Expose" and it's manner appears to lack.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to apologise to @Glenn @Ste B for any issues arising from this and critique you may have faced as a result, I know allot of people have worked very hard in the background recently to improve the forum which it has done ten fold.



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29 minutes ago, J*B said:

I cannot believe this has been allowed to continue. Tremendous. 

That's what happens when the season ends. Madness ensues. I just hope we all make it to August in one piece. 

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8 hours ago, meadows said:

The owner of the board for example admitted to me yesterday that a noted contributor had advised that the board ought to "allow a certain amount of "Islamaphobia" as the volume of responses usually outweighs the original iniquity of the posts."

a noted contributor advocating Islamaphobia as a way of increasing board activity? Who was that?

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40 minutes ago, meadows said:

His point being that the "kicking" (not a word I really enjoy) the perpetrator received usually more than counter-balanced the original horrendous sentiment. 

Evidently not on here. It seems the major contention was why we all weren't out in the sun enjoying ourselves:rolleyes:

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