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I’m currently planning podcasts for 2018/19 season & I have been inspired by another podcast that I listen to, namely Malcolm Gladwell’s “Revisionist History”. In it, Gladwell takes a conventional idea or thought & looks at it more closely, from a different angle, usually challenging received wisdom.

I am therefore toying with the idea of a “Revisionist Rovers” item for future podcasts....

if anyone out there has an idea & would like to get involved - in other words is prepared to construct a case for what might be a left-field, unconventional or potentially even downright unpopular view & is prepared to come on the pod (in some format to be agreed) to present it, please get in touch.

I am NOT looking for deliberately contrarian, shock-jock positions e.g. “Alan Shearer was grossly overrated” will probably not pass muster, unless you are REALLY good at advocacy...?

The sort of thing I’m looking for would be, for instance (NB I don’t necessarily subscribe to any of these views for clarity...they are just to give you a flavour...?):

Zinedine Zidane would not have improved Rovers midfield had he signed in the 90’s

David Dunn should never have re-signed from Birmingham as he never fulfilled his potential

Sam Allardyce’s football was so ugly, Venky’s were correct to sack him

Signing Danny Murphy made sense at the time, knowing what we knew then


...hopefully you get the idea...!


Is there something in Rovers’ history that has always bugged you because you see it differently from most of your mates ? Do you carry an unpopular opinion around & have always wanted to unburden ? This might be your chance ?

The mechanics & logistics of how we will do it will be worked through once I know if we have enough contributors & good ideas to make it worthwhile. It could be an interview, it could be a first person piece, it could be a written article narrated by someone else if you don’t fancy sharing your dulcet tones....that can be worked through.

If you have an idea, please contact me by PM’ing me on here, or on Twitter using the @brfcs.com handle please....let’s see if we can create audio gold ?



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I never thought I’d ever say this, but this sounds like it was the role Saxoman (or one of his many aliases) was born for.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, for completely unrelated reasons, I’m off for a shower....

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