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Celtic v Rovers UEFA Cup tie 2002

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19 hours ago, Aqualung said:

Ask any dingles fan who attended the 1977 ( I think) Anglo Scottish Cup final at Turf Moor. I'm sure they will disagree. Utter bedlam that evening. 

A good mate I Worked with was a big Rangers fan went to the game told me that the dingles made the big mistake of singing Rangers songs.that the Celtic fans weren't happy and that caused the trouble.But they ripped up the fencing on the Longside and threw them at the Dingles 

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On 16/07/2022 at 16:59, Nuttall is lost said:

Yes of course anyone can find incidents of any clubs fans including Blackburn Rovers.  https://www.lep.co.uk/news/crime/preston-north-end-supporters-were-attacked-seven-blackburn-fans-brawl-which-left-man-unconscious-3061538

  The incidents you mentioned are in Scotland where they get involved in sectarian rivalry.  In Europe, out of the toxicity of Scotland they are generally well thought of.

Sorry mate but you’re talking nonsense here. I know lots of Celtic fans who follow them all over the world and it’s like being transported back to 1972. Rangers are exactly the same. How Celtic fans won that award in 2003 beggars belief. My son was in Seville for the final and he tells some ‘interesting’ stories about what they got up to. My brother was a police officer on duty at Ewood for our game against them and he said it was the worst support he had ever had to deal with in 30 years. Even on Saturday for a friendly game (I was in the Celtic end with my sons) they were singing some pretty vile songs. 

They also like to play the victims in a very similar way to Liverpool fans so no, they are not generally well thought of at all. 

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45 minutes ago, tomphil said:

Don't condone Celtic on the rampage but dingles getting a taste of their own medicine sounds apt.

You reap what you sow.

The Dingles were seriously outnumbered. I think the attendance was around 27,000 and more than half that were celtic fans. I remembered the morning after at school and a few of my mates turned up black and blue. 

Celtic fans still in Burnley residents back gardens the day after. 

And I may add, I can remember a photo of what tools the celtic fans brought down on the train.... Truly horrific. 

As a side note, my best mate presented the match ball to the referee that night.... Pat Partridge. 

Jodrell post re the fencing getting getting ripped up is spot on.. Used as spears by those celtic idiots. 

Can't compare dingles v celtic those days. 

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On 15/07/2022 at 15:52, HHGH said:

I watched it on TV. Really wanted you boys to beat them. Celtic are a vile club and I was disappointed in the result.

Founded as a means to fund a charity set up to eliminate poverty within the immigrant community of Glasgow. Have always had a policy of signing players from any denomination or background, unlike (cough, cough) another club I could mention. Yep, certainly seems like a vile club to me.

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