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    No problem with the line up and thought we matched Wigan most of the game. Odd sending off but Chapman was the right sub. Kept the basic formation but also maintained an attacking threat. Fair result all things considered - Wigan could have scored on a couple of occasions but we also carried the occasional threat.
  2. Joe Nuttall

    The reason would be to have him on "extended trial" with the obvious clauses about making first team squad, first sub appearance and first start. As of today a normal club would upgrade his contract, pay whats stipulated and give him his chance. Sadly we have already spent money allocated to the first team (imo) probably in the belief that Nuttall wouldn't make such a dramatic impact but rather with a view to next year (calender or season depending on sales in January)
  3. Joe Nuttall

    My money is on it being contractual. Pay rise plus extension if he makes the senior squad and even more if he plays.
  4. Blackburn Rovers FC v Plymouth Argyle FC

    Ward injured or just dropped from the squad?
  5. Blackburn Rovers FC v Plymouth Argyle FC

    4-2-3-1 would be my guess
  6. Premier League Stuff

    Promoted beyond his experience - 3 year contract - sacked after 4 months. Appleton mentioned as a replacement...
  7. Team to face Plymouth

    Ironically think this formation should have been used against Oldham to cut the space in midfield when we have a deep/slow back 4... Is Wharton fit and free to play?
  8. Oldham away

    Yellow card - risk for a 2nd
  9. Oldham away

    Amazed with how we just give the ball away - repeatedly
  10. Oldham away

    Scary defensively but players putting the effort in.
  11. Annoying. Don't have a season pass - pay for the games i can see and it worked fine except the video wouldn't load in IE
  12. It is live - had to switch to Chrome for some reason...
  13. Oldham away

    Don't know but he isn't there and usually gets injured during NI games...
  14. Oldham away

    Tinkering? If Evans and Downing can't play the only change is Conway for Dack. Given that whittingham is a bit lightweight then (imo) not wrong to add a more "solid" LM (not least after we were dreadful last game...) The being nervous bit is spot in though
  15. Team for Oldham

    Williams for me is our first choice lb - No question. Gets a lot of stick on here but looks ok every time i have seen him (15+). Not sure about Whittingham/Evans. Thought Evans/Smallwood looked great with Bennett/Conway but perhaps whittingham is more suitable if Conway is injured. Antonsson must start for me. Sure he is lightweight but gets in good positions and has scored a few.