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  1. My expectation is failure. My hope and what should happen is promotion given our resources and the players we have.
  2. Happy enough with the window based on recent experience and expectation. Think Graham needs to get fit but Antonsson/Nuttall/Dack can do a job if Samuel stays fit and in form. Injury to mulgrew, Evans, smallwood or Samuel would is my biggest worry but on paper we now have backup though how effective they are on the pitch is the key question.
  3. Not a Williams hater but good with a lb option. Also good to have an overlapping lb when Conway is left wing - just need to make sure Conway tracks back.
  4. Thought he seemed surprised and almost embarassed that it went in
  5. Personally think Graham has been told to get fit or leave - either scenario suiting somebody at the club.
  6. Topscoring center half midfielder with a Good left foot - 120million??
  7. Was down to 360 and still glitching so probably time for an upgrade
  8. Switched laptops after 5 mins. Is iFollow more demanding than other streams??
  9. Ok i might be wrong based on the first 3 mins of 2nd half
  10. But he has been involved in most chances, created space and decent movement. Bit harsh - think he has been equal if not better than Samuel
  11. Read ALL the subs now
  12. Bit merceresque that Husky
  13. If that isn't encouragement shoot on sight then i dunno what is...
  14. Samuel - use your left foot ffs
  15. Any quote/gossip on Graham? (Even if we don't believe it)