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  1. Dolly blue

    Football League Suspended

    People like agents, players at the highest level, and The Premier League disgust me. It’s all about them.....their rights, their contracts, their futures.....sod anybody else . We’ve been saying for years that the top end of football is sick, full of selfish people ....and so it is proven .....still insisting on their rights.....whilst the rest of the country suffers and , sadly in some cases dies. The football world has the chance to right it’s wrongs ....do you think it will ?? .....I don’t....but, please God when these dark and difficult days are over .....we will have our say.....” We will remember them “.......Thank God for the real people out there..our inspiration......those on the front line at this time ......all underpaid but now massively valued. Top flight football come September???? Who cares !
  2. MOWBRAY is NOT the man .....how many more times does it need to be said ? He never was .....he never will be. a tired, out of touch , stubborn manager ....he only found Nyambe at right back because he had no alternative through injury. Same with Travis ....I hate feeling so frustrated, hopeless and angry......all down to you Mowbray.....but...he will tell us to look forward to when he gets his boys back in the grass ..... we can’t look forward with this man.....or with his back room staff or his CEO .....defenders are coming....there will be more of them than fans soon ...bloody seething
  3. So glad I couldn’t make it today ....sorry for the travelling fans who deserve better....when will I ever learn...I even dared to hope ...but...it’s the hope that kills you.....said it time and time and time again....going nowhere with Mowbray and his crew of motley “ coaches “ ....no more words
  4. Dolly blue

    Home V Fulham 08/02/2020

    Comments regarding who to select , who to drop , which formation to play ......pointless. Nothing will change whilst Mowbray and his band of overpaid, under skilled back room staff continue to be employed at Ewood. Its not about budgets...it’s about vision ( Wilder at Sheffield Utd ) Its about scouting ( Brentford ) Its about getting far more than he should out of a squad of very ordinary, low cost players ( Neil at Deepdale ) Our season is over ....and our future seasons are over if we continue with Mowbray and his dour, outdated, ineffective management style. Let’s say thanks to Tony ..but let’s move on ....gates will continue to fall, atmosphere will remain at rock bottom. A new man can assess who is worth keeping, who is worth promoting from the academy ...and we can , maybe hit the ground running in August .There are “ new men “ out there ... If we continue to “Tick along with Tony “......disaster....Im getting to the stage where wins and defeats leave me feeling the same emotion....little hope, little vision
  5. Dolly blue

    January transfer window 2020

    All the mentioned aspects, Bell, Brereton ( fan abuse )...very wrong but.....these are merely symptoms.....the cause is Mowbray....an utterly dreadful manager .....week after week he drains a little more life out of our club......shocking, shocking Mowbray.....you sign , coach and select pitiful players...No. guts.. no hope
  6. Dolly blue

    Forest V Rovers

    I hate what Mowbray dishes up week after week..then more excuses will follow.....you’re a spent man Tony..... If Venkys give him a penny to spend they are more stupid than I thought....he wouldn’t know a player or a system of play if he fell over them ...dire, dire days
  7. Dolly blue

    Forest V Rovers

    Mowbray has, apparently, sat back down......he must be as embarrassed as we are.....what a dreadful manager he is. His signings, his selection , his tactics, his fitness, his coaching, his “ cosy”dressing room his depressing voice..his gloom.....his fault
  8. Dolly blue

    Forest V Rovers

    There is not 1 MAN in a Rovers shirt.
  9. Dolly blue

    Huddersfield Town 29.12.19

    Lots of talk on here about new full backs, goalkeeper, strikers in the January window.......what’s the point? Managers are measured on their ability to 1 Sign players who will better the performance of the club 2 Develop existing players ( Klopp, Rogers, Wilder) 3 Establish a tactical strategy to run through teams at all levels 4 Play systems which bring the most out of the players signed ( round pegs in round holes ) 5 Through body language and press involvement convey positivity and touch line know how ...when meeting players, convince them that this is the club for them .... (Neil at PNE and Patrick Bauer), ( Cowley brothers at Huddersfield) so........can anybody tell me that by signing a goalkeeper and, or a full back that Rovers will any better in the coming weeks, months and even years with Mowbray managing ??? The January window is not the answer....the removal of Mowbray is
  10. Dolly blue

    Huddersfield Town 29.12.19

    Embarrassing....my double anger is that I have bought 7 family tickets for the North End game........I must be as thick as Mowbray. A clueless man in the transfer market and an even more clueless in where to play his shocking purchases. No doubt he will hide behind “ No Dack today “.....do us all a favour Tony and admit your failings as a manager of this club.
  11. Dolly blue

    Huddersfield Town 29.12.19

    Bell for Rothwell ????
  12. Dolly blue

    Huddersfield Town 29.12.19

    What a shocking display ....no apparent plan, very poor skill level.......dire
  13. Bennett is no left back ...but... I thought Downing was utterly dreadful....looked more like 65 than 35. We must be the least fit team in the league.....fitness is embarrassing for “professional sportsmen”
  14. Dolly blue

    Barnsley (h) - the Cauldron Of Hate part 2?

    Why oh why do Mowbray’s pre match comments again fill me with dread .He is an utter doom and gloom man.....he drains any positivity ( God knows there’s not much of that around ) . Ewood will be as miserable a place as it’s been for many, many a year. Do I want to go to the game ? No . Will I go to the game? Yes.....but not for much longer. I can’t believe I’m about to write this but.....here goes....I would take a heavy defeat on Saturday if it pushed this miserable man to the door.
  15. Haven’t felt so low in a long time. We continue to watch poor players, playing in the wrong positions . I can’t really believe they are actually their football....led and “coached” by a man who had outlived his usefulness . They play without hope, we watch without hope . Over the years Rovers managers have been measured on their recruitment....and some have done it brilliantly. Then we have Mowbray, a man who has scandalously squandered millions on , at best league 1 standard forwards , lads born in the North East or “nice lads who buy into my ethos” ......and this brings us to where we are today. Whilst Mowbray remains at the club , recruiting in the January window....we are doomed. No leadership, no atmosphere, no hope.....very sad.

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