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    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Rodwell must NOT be given a contract. Last night showed, and it’s been evident before, he has neither the legs nor the balls for midfield.....Norwich went past him with incredible ease. Dack needs to sort his head then maybe his shape will follow. Unfit physically and mentally.....a complete passenger last night Armstrong....where do I begin? At times he’s “ got it “ but ....most games he either can’t find it or can’t be arsed to find it. Much improvement needed particularly in attitude. I believe at Newcastle they called him “Little Shearer” .....it must have something to do with the ale they drink.... Bennett.....thanks ...but it’s 1 season too far. If Mowbray has him anywhere near the staring line up next season.....I fear for our survival. Mowbray.......we need to see action, not words Tony....and , during the close season, I hope you find this “ front foot “ ...you keep talking about We COULD be on the up.......but are you brave enough Tony to play the right players in their right positions .....and show the door to the luxury players , the unfit players ....and the down right not good enough to wear the shirt players?? We shall see !!!
  2. Dreadful from start to finish....unfit physically, unfit mentally.....no leadership from Mowbray.....God knows how many season tickets we will sell for next season.... NOBODY surely, can pay good money to watch this . Thanks Tony for last season.....you MUST know it is time to go
  3. Dolly blue

    Mowbray: Stay or go?

    Go...... lovely man, extremely limited manager. Too fixed in his ways, poor recruitment, archaic tactics, shocking team selection. It will be an empty Ewood next season if he remains I used to get annoyed at a former colleague of mine..... I used to think .... he wouldn’t....it then over time became clear......he couldn’t.... Ditto Mr Mowbray
  4. Dolly blue

    Mowbray’s Future

    Out...he lacks intelligence. , awareness...and balls . Thanks Tony..even you must know you’re taking us nowhere 😡
  5. Dolly blue

    Sheffield Wednesday away Sat 16th March

    Disgusted....woeful. I have MUCH time for Mowbray the man...little if any for Mowbray the manager. We do need to make a change and, soon. When Souness came in late in his season he saw the problems and addressed them ...set up up for the challenge for the following season. ....Mowbray will never address the problems as he simply doesn’t know what they are. Damian Johnson , if not an outside appointment, could at least stop the rot. Tony did the did the right thing at Coventry....he walked....he needs to walk again .
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