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  1. Bbrovers2288

    Championship season 2019-20

    For me that’s always going to happen with raya, does a lot well but throws some right clangers in. I wasn’t too sad to get rid but we don’t get rid when we don’t have a better replacement signed sealed and delivered. And we gave them raya on the cheap. It’s poor management for me. Kinda wanted Brentford to win though. I can’t forgive Fulham for nicking cairney and reed from us and in return have us Murphy and etuhu. They have pulled our pants down for 10 years
  2. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    James Chester- yes please
  3. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    Team is too lightweight/ small for me
  4. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    Lost the heid in an old firm game, never seen again. Actually isn’t the worst but very much working off lists C and D if that’s the calibre we are looking at
  5. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    Nah doubt I will, offices are pretty much shut up. Good for keeping targets quiet. My links aren’t at the club currently so I’m in the dark as much as anyone
  6. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    Would need to shed another to bring a striker in. Currently gallagher, Armstrong , brereton vying for 1 spot up top, can’t see them throwing wages at another to add for that place
  7. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    Not a lot to get excited about here , be nice if we were on windows from the off for once. We had plenty of time to identify what and who we needed
  8. Bbrovers2288

    Player of the Season 2019/20

    No debate for me, Armstrong all day long
  9. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    As much as I agree, I can’t see it
  10. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    Aiden o Brian on a free
  11. Bbrovers2288

    Millwall Away

    I stopped bleating first mowbray to go months ago as I felt like a stuck record, I had red flags all over the promotion season when the going was good never mind now. he is rank average and I am really concerned about the next season, when two of our starters are loans and we don’t have money to buy. Our youngsters bar travis don’t look like they are going to be anything much if I’m being honest. Time may tell me different on that one wasted huge amounts on our strikers, neither of which will ever find the back of the net regularly- that’s fact not a maybe. I mean who scouted brereton, can’t believe we scouted and pursued him so hard when he is soooo bad. I will admit I was pleased with gallagher , mainly because I remember a cracking goal he scored at ewood when in the youths cup and I thought he looked a player but sadly he looks lost here ala Kevin Davies. mowbray just doesn’t have it for me, we don’t play good football, there appears to be no plan, certainly no plan b. The team needs a complete overhaul in personnel and style and he isn’t the man to do that. break the bank for Chris hughton now
  12. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    Nope , just would like the keeper situation cleared up before another summer saga
  13. Bbrovers2288

    Summer Transfer Window

    Think we should just sign hart and be done with it. He will have a few clangers but would be a decent champ keeper
  14. Bbrovers2288

    West Brom at home

    Raging at holtby for that stupid back heel attempt, going to just put it in the net you flash dan
  15. Bbrovers2288

    Cardiff away

    Can’t get relegated now at least
  16. Bbrovers2288

    Underrated Rovers 11

    Tugay according to motd, how he doesn’t make it into top 10 never to play for a top 6 club is beyond me
  17. The Celtic loss hurt me the most as I was at a glasgow high school and was confident all day of a rovers win, got pelters next day. honourable mentions to trelleborgs embarrassment and Newcastle knocked us out the fa cup in a replay 93/94 , lee Clark scored, I felt we had a chance to win the cup that year
  18. Bbrovers2288

    Underrated Rovers 11

    Filan kenna todd oojer gresko thompson johnson bohinen judge suker Nonda
  19. Bbrovers2288

    Kenny Dalglish

    Hopefully recovers, sure all rovers fans are rooting for him.
  20. Bbrovers2288

    Top Keepers!

    Annoyed that brad didn’t get in the top 10 motd keepers. David James above him? Having a laugh
  21. Bbrovers2288

    Rovers in Netflix football series

    Not my usual type of program to watch, I only watched it due to the rovers link but yea was decent. Not a great knowledge of our foundation so was good to learn a bit
  22. Bbrovers2288

    Peter Whittingham

    Awful. Wasn’t much of a rover but beside the point, tragic
  23. Yes that would be me too- as Iv said in the past it’s always going to be a bigger post when frustration and opinions are to be expected in a loss rather than a happy yes we won post. mowbray isn’t the man for me, Iv been very consistent with it for years
  24. Your right in a way, I think we are a long way off being prem ready but I’d see us getting to the playoffs as a success. Not expecting us to go up but most teams need a few go’s at it before they win it. Just to be in the mix would be nice.
  25. Yes because he wouldn’t be playing at right back or the team in general I’d get him to run our Twitter

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