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  1. Leyland-Rover

    Academy & U21s

    Thinking very, very, very far into the future, I wonder what are the chances of Dack playing for the U23s in the latter stages of returning to fitness? Could be a great opportunity to see him at Leyland for £3! On another note, really chuffed to see JRC getting on at the weekend, especially with that assist to Gallagher. Been a big fan of him for ages. Well deserved! Hope Butterworth can get fit and get some first team time also, as another player I rate.
  2. Leyland-Rover

    Preston Away

    Please can someone arrange for this game to be called off. I know too many Preston fans. I can't handle this at the moment.
  3. Food for thought - I read in an interview with Rich Sharp and TM, that some of injuries we are sustaining at the moment are from players breaking down due to being worked hard in training. I didn't watch the game last night, but did they look knackered? I'm clutching at straws as to why we are so bad at the moment. Are the lads legs just dead?
  4. Leyland-Rover

    Academy & U21s

    There's a pay and display car park right next to it, fronting the main road. I'm sure it's free in the evening after circa 6pm.
  5. Leyland-Rover

    Academy & U21s

    Tonight they are playing at the Lancashire FA Ground in Leyland. They occasionally play at Ewood. The County Ground, Thurston Rd, Leyland PR25 2LF
  6. Leyland-Rover

    Academy & U21s

    I am fascinated to see who plays for the U23's tonight. The rovers preview states that it'll be a young squad with the first team fixtures tomorrow, and Wharton likely to feature again. I'm going to the Fleetwood game and I'm tempted to go and watch tonight just to see who ISNT there. Would love to be a fly on the wall of D Johnson's office right now.
  7. Leyland-Rover


    I think they are still as popular as ever. I seem to see a lot of early twenties girls, like really attractive ladies, with tattoo's of go knows what on their legs. Really off putting, but each to their own.
  8. Leyland-Rover

    Academy & U21s

    The U18's are at home to Derby this weekend. Can anybody go and watch this game? I've been to Brockholes before, to visit a friend who lives there, and just said the name of the house to the chap on the gate as he let me in. If I say I'm going to watch Rovers, will they let me through the gate?
  9. Leyland-Rover

    Smallwood signs

    Has JAL asked yet? If not: SEM Group plc.
  10. Leyland-Rover

    Academy & U21s

    Taken from the website: Rovers can confirm four pre-season fixtures for the club’s development squad. Damien Johnson’s side will kick-off their summer schedule against nearby AFC Darwen at the WEC Anchor Ground on Tuesday July 11th, kick-off 7pm. A Rovers XI will then travel to Ramsbottom United’s Harry Williams Riverside Stadium on Wednesday July 19th (kick-off 7.45pm), before visiting Colne’s Utility Renewals Stadium on Saturday July 22nd (kick-off 3pm). The development squad’s final friendly sees them take on Marine AFC at the Marine Travel Arena on Saturday July 29th, kick-off 3pm. Im keen to for Darwen away!
  11. Leyland-Rover

    The enigmatic Jason Lowe vortex

    JAL, you've signed in with the wrong profile! Transfermarkt doesnt list who his agent is, sorry.
  12. Happy days! Feeling positive. To save the question being asked by JAL - Key Sports Managment Ltd.
  13. Leyland-Rover

    Academy & U21s

    JAL querying agents? Whatever else next!? I keep seeing this "new scholarship...." word being thrown about? Is it something different, or is it just a standard word for signing a new kid on a non-pro contract?
  14. Wow. I knew the basics, but I've spent 40 minutes realising how bad things actually panned out. Fantastic report. Every credit. I am but I'm not looking forward to Part 2 - If that makes any sense.

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