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  1. Riverside under the drip

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    Mowbray's own approach to the club's progression, as explained at various meetings and interviews, is to gradually improve the squad whilst going more towards a possession-based game. So that is what I must judge him on. After 3 full seasons, we are faced with a total squad rebuild. Lenihan, Nyambe, Travis, Evans (at a push; he is not consistent enough for me), Dack and Armstrong are the players I could see in an automatic promotion team. Downing is one of our best but definitely past his best and should not really be a starter every game. Graham is still our best 'big man' but is at least a season past Championship standard. We need at least 5 quality first-teamers for peanuts. Will it happen? No. Our play is on the turgid side but, more importantly, does not work with the skill sets of our players in the positions they are played in. Is it therefore the correct set-up? Clearly not. Let's say we're not signing a new team of quality players. The examples of Burnley, Huddersfield (under Wagner), Norwich, Sheffield Utd and now Leeds show how quickly a great manager can transform mid-table also-rans into world-beaters. Average players were coached to promotion. What happens after that is another matter. Dyche and Wilder have done a better job of renewing the momentum than Wagner or Farke. Do we see Mowbray ever improving Gallagher? Or Williams? Or Buckley? Will be bring the youngsters on this summer? Has he really done anything with Chapman or Brereton to get them going? Travis was forced on him if you remember at a time when we couldn't see past Smallwood. In fact, there is a pattern of promising players having to fight past aging dross. Reed was criticised for not being enough like Smallwood or Evans whilst being 10 times the midfielder of either. Nyambe v Bennett. Raya v Mowbray's constant criticism... For these and a few other reasons, time to retire him back to his beloved 'Boro in my opinion.
  2. Riverside under the drip

    Season tickets and shirts 2020/21

    Must say I'm a 'less is more' person and that green kit looks truly atrocious to me. Different strokes and all that...
  3. I was filling it in but there seems a bit of a muddle between 'now' and 'after the outbreak is over'. Some questions seem to be asking about safety options required after it's safe enough to go back again. Fair enough, I suppose there might be an ill-considered rush back, but you also ask about matchday catering options NOW and how safe they are. Hard to work out which ones these might be. Just a thing to maybe tweak...
  4. Riverside under the drip

    Barnsley v Rovers

    Are we anywhere nearer knowing what 'slight knock' Williams has that ruled him out of the Liverpool game and still rules him out several weeks later? Bell? I personally think Williams and Bell are lower league nobodies but I'm desperate to have ANYONE other than Bennett start as LB. Resigned to him starting with Gallagher. Brereton looked slightly more lively so will make way for Samuel rather than Armstrong. Seriously considering taking the dog a longer than usual walk after tea rather than watching on Tuesday...
  5. Riverside under the drip

    Wigan Athletic (A) - Saturday 27th June (3pm)

    I agree he put a shift in but can't remember anything he did to help us score. Again, those types of players get higher marks in a win. 6 is better than average but I really thought he was average today. It is our weakness as a club that any player who puts a shift in gets praised. That is the bare minimum for all players surely?
  6. Riverside under the drip

    Wigan Athletic (A) - Saturday 27th June (3pm)

    Walton - 4 Weak keeping cost us. Nyambe - 8 Drove down the wing and did his job. Tosin/Lenihan - 6.5 Looked like a comfortable afternoon. When you win, they get 7. Lose and out come 6s Bennett - 3 No left foot so had to turn infield every time. Gave the ball away many times. Passed back repeatedly rather than cross with his left. Truly awful. Travis - 8 My god he is vital to us. Without him, there was absolutely nothing in midfield in possession or out. MOTM. Downing - 7 Sprayed the ball around and decent set pieces but didn't get a free ride without two defensive partners. Rothwell - 5 Tried but failed. Holtby - 5 Tried but failed. Brereton - 5 Tried but failed. Gallagher - 4 Failed. Armstrong/Samuel/Graham - 5 Too little time. Mowbray - 4 When your team bosses the midfield but can't come close to creating a chance and you have 5 subs to play with, don't wait until the hour mark to change things.
  7. Riverside under the drip

    Wigan Athletic (A) - Saturday 27th June (3pm)

    I think we can safely put Gallagher in the running for the 'Chris Brown - Luke Varney Waste of Space Award'. Harsh to lump Brereton in with him in my opinion as he is at least trying to run with the ball and create something from his position. I'd say 3/10 and 6/10 respectively for that half. Nyambe MOTM or maybe Travis. As ever, our play is thwarted by having nobody able to shoot and score up front.
  8. Riverside under the drip

    Wigan Athletic (A) - Saturday 27th June (3pm)

    I know many will view this is as a positive, but I can't help but feel uneasy when seeing the team-sheet doesn't really help with who is going to play where. The 'Jack-of-all-trades', 'do a job' players like Bennett (LB today I think but might swap with Downing in midfield) seem to be Tony's preference. Again, we might assume the front 3 would be the same as last week but that means Rothwell as a holding midfielder? I think Holtby has been shoved back and Rothwell is the new false 9 but I doubt any of us could guess the right set-up. All I know is that I prefer having goal-scorers up front not on the bench.
  9. Riverside under the drip

    Season Restart

    I must admit, I did smile at the idea of a cardboard me. On closer inspection, you do actually seem to get it at the end of the season for home use (?!). We all applauded that German team selling 'ghost' tickets to 'ghost' games so giving away money for nothing in these times isn't unheard of. If this was a club where the cut outs would fill more than one row, or the pretty ladies were put at the front like Top Gear, it might even be a good idea. For us though? Cut-outs of us lot would be more than a little parochial and embarrassing.
  10. Riverside under the drip

    Season Restart

    Quite frankly, there's a global pandemic occurring and if people fold their arms and demand to watch the game 'for real', tough. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I can't see another way other than showing it on a screen. If it is not done by passwords then anyone could watch it regardless of ticket history and we'd complain about that as season ticket holders. There will always be those who aren't provided for. People living too far from Ewood can't sit in the Blackburn End. We don't demand the club charters flights.
  11. Riverside under the drip

    Season Restart

    Whilst I have many issues with the way the club is run, I can't for the life of me see much wrong in their approach to this and next season (so far). They haven't gone into detail on ST prices next year because we don't know what league we'll be in. Promotion (highly unlikely) would render a few unhappy fans on a message board irrelevant. We seem to be arguing not about what they've done, but what they haven't announced yet. If they release the prices and they're whopping, then people are right to complain. Free access to away games as well as home is a good deal to me and I fully understand their reluctance to give back the little money they have. Waggott is presumably under orders to spend as little as possible and is doing just that. The blame for this, as with everything else, lies in the incompetent buffoons who continue to stave off administration/demise whilst we wither on the vine.
  12. Riverside under the drip


    Wow, my first ever angry post on an internet message board! Best I leave it there then...
  13. Riverside under the drip


    Those with whom you might disagree are not necessarily poorly educated. I had little time during my postgraduate studies to read for pleasure, focused as I was on designing anti-cancer drugs. I did though read plenty on historical figures such as Churchill. Given the balance of evidence I would class him as an almost unparalleled positive influence on the world. Someone whose actions saved the lives of millions of people of all races. By this sort of logic, Abraham Lincoln should be reviled and the beautiful building containing his wondrous Gettysburg Address should be torn down because of the term he used to describe the slaves he effectively gave his life to free.
  14. Riverside under the drip


    BBC News has actually got a page entitled "Winston Churchill: Hero or Villain?" The guy who regularly wins 'Greatest Briton Ever' polls is also now on the hit-list. Christ.
  15. Riverside under the drip


    I think most would agree that, were the Bristol statue to be proposed now, it wouldn't get made. It clearly is a bit close to the bone. There are clearly some aspects of the past which don't contribute much to life today. However, it's also true to say that it is not for the loudest and most 'demonstrative' to say what and what should not be vandalised, removed etc. Who then is the arbiter of what is right and wrong? If it is the offence caused, then whoever tried to burn the Cenotaph flag was offended by it. Was the act therefore right? No. The rule of law must be upheld or we get another dose of the Salem witch trials / 1950s McCarthy hunts etc where every dissenting voice is denounced as a witch/communist/racist. Watch Stephen Fry's argument against political correctness for an avowedly liberal point of view. I doubt many would label him as bigoted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_W_npyI7Xsw

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