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  1. Riverside under the drip

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    I'm not sure this has ever been said before but: Bell is utter dogshit! Get Douglas in from now until the end of the season.
  2. Riverside under the drip

    Watford v Rovers Wed 21st Oct 7.45pm

    If I'm honest, the loanee I most wanted straight in was Douglas in place of Bell. Can't understand why we identify a weakness in the team, sign an improvement, then keep playing the original duffer. Same goes for Evans after all these years of nothing in particular. Having said that, our best performances come with the least expectation. 1-2 it is...
  3. Riverside under the drip

    Nottingham Forest Home

    That is true but that's the whole point. The football was not as entertaining because we didn't play very well, fans lost their connection with the club and the matchday experience felt awful. Anyway, we're drifting off topic a little. The game today felt exactly like games under Bowyer when you KNEW we wouldn't get anything out of it. Too many sub-par players. Hopefully, we'll drop Evans, Gallagher, Brereton et al soon...
  4. Riverside under the drip

    Nottingham Forest Home

    He really isn't. When you consider how many casual fans we've lost over the past decade, he's actually in the overwhelming majority. Personally, I would prefer to watch Blackburn Hawks ice hockey if that was back on. It might be 'Sunday League' quality, but it is certainly an entertaining evening!
  5. Riverside under the drip

    Summer Transfer Window

    As much as we've obviously signed some quality players, I have a niggling worry. On the assumption that players only come on loan if they're going to get game time, we've got Trybull to fit in the midfield 3 with Evans, Travis, Johnson, Rothwell, Rankin-Costello (maybe) and Holtby. Are we going to rotate constantly or drop some on-form players? I'm working on the idea that Dack and Armstrong are in our front 3 somewhere which leaves 1 spot for Elliott, Dolan, Brereton, Gallagher, Rankin-Costello (I haven't worked him out yet), Chapman and perhaps even Bell wide left. Dear God that's verging on too much depth if money for wages is supposed to be tight. Would rather have signed another centre back myself....
  6. Riverside under the drip


    That's something I've seen quite a lot and it sounds fair enough in theory. In practice, how do teachers work a full day with one group whilst video calling the other to do the same lesson (many did this in lockdown and government says there can be no difference at home or else)? To pull it off, there would have to be either no teacher interaction with those at home beyond files of a powerpoint and a worksheet (cue uproar from parents and government) or another working day in the evening/night (cue virtually all teachers quitting/striking/having a mental breakdown). The ONLY way this could happen is if those children at home don't have lessons and do the same lessons as the other lot on a rota in school. Not even the most end-of-their-tether teacher thinks that's a viable option. WHAT CAN WE DO?
  7. Riverside under the drip


    Regarding schools and spreading the virus, I had to share my thoughts. I'm a primary supply teacher paid by the day and have not had work since March. To be expected. I was placed on generous furlough through the summer so am OK for the moment. I honestly assumed no school would want external adults coming in having visited various other schools around the county until I got a call the other day. I arrived at the school wearing my mask but unsure of the numerous rules I was sure I'd need to go through before getting inside the classroom. I was told the mask had to stay on in corridors but could come off when teaching. All measures taken were outside the classroom. When in the classroom, it was no different to a February day with no distancing at all. Was within breathing distance of 30-odd children all day. The distancing I expected. It is physically impossible to get all children into a school with enormous gaps or there wouldn't be 30+ children per class in the first place. Teachers aren't magicians and if all children are expected in school, they'll have to cram together. The biggest surprise came the next day. I got another call. Another school... How on Earth can we pretend that the virus won't spread rampantly if one adult could potentially infect over 150 children (5 classes) plus their families in one week?! Many people have commented on teachers moaning in the face of NHS staff battling for months. I fully agree that they are heroes and I owe them my life having had a few problems in the past. I would point out the difference in day-to-day expectation. I doubt you would see many doctors or nurses crammed in a room with dozens of people who are not wearing masks and have a child's idea of cleanliness. Is it worth me getting a few more days' pay if I come into close contact with that many children and, by extension, their families? Is it worth my family's health? How many other supply teachers are driving around the North West from one hot-spot to another every morning? I have no answers to this. Only guilt and worry...
  8. Riverside under the drip

    Season Tickets 2020-21

    For me, it was always very simple. I would have bought a season ticket, even with the price increase. The ifollow option is absolutely fine to me and I can actually envisage the government caving in and allowing spectators back in January rather than March say. The big 'but' which I imagine most saw coming is to me so obvious that it blows my mind that it isn't dealt with. Someone else in my house already has a pass. They can get ifollow already on the same screen in the living room. Why on Earth would I get one too?! Why would any family buy more than one season pass/ticket?! Think of the number of supporters in the 8-10k regular base who live with others. All the children. Many of the adults. What do they get other than a promise and something they already have via a family member? The argument about keeping Rovers going ignores the fact that this is a drop in the ocean compared to operating losses. If Venkys pull out, will Rovers survive because a couple of thousand people paid for a season pass? Any household with more than one pass is either financially insane or doesn't get along and they want to be in separate rooms when watching Rovers (or I suppose they are more committed than I am). I will buy some form of half-season ticket at whatever cost when that ticket is for live games. Until then, I'll follow on ifollow but with £400 extra quid to keep me company...
  9. Riverside under the drip


    This one really peaked my interest (normally the usual thing is a burger joint or something) so I went and clicked... To me, a restaurant doesn't have plastic seating. That's a fast-food joint. Good, I thought. I like fast food and there's only so many bacon double cheeses a man can have. So I clicked on the website menu... Um. Restaurant prices. Either be one or the other. If I want cheap food, I won't pay much. If I fork out, I want quality. Mangiamo's for me it is then...
  10. Riverside under the drip

    Bournemouth away

    "...passes it on to Rothwell, he weaves his way into the box before being dispossessed, it drops for Armstrong who strikes over!" "Bell's mistimed effort falls favourably for Evans in the area, his shot is blocked!" This is what happens when you try to do things on the cheap for years on end and move the goalposts to lower standards time and again.
  11. Riverside under the drip

    Football Italia

    Used to watch this at my Nan's on a Saturday dinner-time after walking up with chicken from the old market! Fiorentina was my team because of Batistuta and I remember training with Peter Devine at Feni Rec with their shirt on. The good old days...
  12. Riverside under the drip

    Fleetwood Town (A) - Pre-Season 2020/21

    Energy levels will always be off in friendlies but a penalty requires only skill. He seems lacking...
  13. Riverside under the drip

    Fleetwood Town (A) - Pre-Season 2020/21

    Typical early friendly so far. The noise of someone typing on a keyboard is louder than the commentary though never mind the lack of a wind filter!
  14. Riverside under the drip

    Excitement ahead of the coming season?

    Like most, I really can't get excited for this season. Unlike others, it has nothing whatever to do with restricted attendances though I will definitely miss attending away matches (especially new grounds like Wycombe). I never got that link between alcohol and football so the social aspect isn't there. For me, it's a family thing. I sit with the same person at home watching as I do in the Riverside. Nor do I care that much about kits or season tickets. They will come soon enough and I won't miss out. I only buy a shirt once every now and then if they're particularly good so not a priority. The dread in my heart comes from the lack of transfer activity despite us clearly needing a fairly substantial rebuild. To be back in training with games weeks away but no goalie and hardly any defenders or strikers worth the name is pathetic. It stinks of stagnation and sliding right down the league. Relegation? With our current squad maybe. I cannot reconcile soundbites about gradually improving year on year with half a squad.
  15. Riverside under the drip

    Mowbray: Stay or Go - A Poll

    Mowbray's own approach to the club's progression, as explained at various meetings and interviews, is to gradually improve the squad whilst going more towards a possession-based game. So that is what I must judge him on. After 3 full seasons, we are faced with a total squad rebuild. Lenihan, Nyambe, Travis, Evans (at a push; he is not consistent enough for me), Dack and Armstrong are the players I could see in an automatic promotion team. Downing is one of our best but definitely past his best and should not really be a starter every game. Graham is still our best 'big man' but is at least a season past Championship standard. We need at least 5 quality first-teamers for peanuts. Will it happen? No. Our play is on the turgid side but, more importantly, does not work with the skill sets of our players in the positions they are played in. Is it therefore the correct set-up? Clearly not. Let's say we're not signing a new team of quality players. The examples of Burnley, Huddersfield (under Wagner), Norwich, Sheffield Utd and now Leeds show how quickly a great manager can transform mid-table also-rans into world-beaters. Average players were coached to promotion. What happens after that is another matter. Dyche and Wilder have done a better job of renewing the momentum than Wagner or Farke. Do we see Mowbray ever improving Gallagher? Or Williams? Or Buckley? Will be bring the youngsters on this summer? Has he really done anything with Chapman or Brereton to get them going? Travis was forced on him if you remember at a time when we couldn't see past Smallwood. In fact, there is a pattern of promising players having to fight past aging dross. Reed was criticised for not being enough like Smallwood or Evans whilst being 10 times the midfielder of either. Nyambe v Bennett. Raya v Mowbray's constant criticism... For these and a few other reasons, time to retire him back to his beloved 'Boro in my opinion.

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