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  1. Riverside under the drip

    Away Day Photos

    With old football on the TV and nostalgia for days gone by a favourite on here (a favourite anyway, never mind lockdown), I'm going to borrow from Ian Herbert's twitter and ask for photo memories of trips gone by. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures at my all-time favourite away jaunts (Feyenoord or Blyth Spartans) so my entry comes from our lovely day in York the summer before League 1. Nice drive, warm weather, decent shops and really modern facilities...
  2. Riverside under the drip

    Football League Suspended

    Gallows humour but it would be 'interesting' to see the reactions if Leeds stayed in the Championship and Liverpool went another year without the title after all this. Almost worth guaranteeing us missing out on the play-offs...
  3. Riverside under the drip

    Academy & U21s

    What stood out was that every single player (including the sweeper keeper) looked like they were the playmaker. There was no weak link at all. Total football that Arsenal just couldn't live with. Not sentences that you'd expect to see grace this message board for the last decade!
  4. Riverside under the drip

    Credit where credit's due

    They did. I highlighted the Clitheroe bus as it's closer to my own experience. There is no particular reason why a kid there would choose Rovers unless family already went. Currently, Burnley are the club in the Premier League and there's always the glory hunting Liverpool/City approach. This is a way to get relatively affluent people who can afford the full kit and plenty of food & drink spending their money at Ewood. The article also references another bus picking up Asian children from around Blackburn. This is less likely to increase revenue in the short term but longer term we all know it is far more important. Reduced prices are often mentioned but Rovers always come back with "Don't want to revalue the product." or "Defeats the point of increased footfall." A little short-sighted IMHO.
  5. Riverside under the drip

    Credit where credit's due

    This is the kind of thing people have been asking for. Get them young and all that... https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2020/march/ewood-express-a-great-success/ I taught near Chatburn and that side of Clitheroe still has a sizeable Rovers contingent in my experience. Without attention though, plenty could be attracted to Burnley.
  6. Riverside under the drip

    Swansea City home

    Before we castigate him too much, Buckley went straight to the Charlton fans and Armstrong posed in front of the Brentford fans. Nothing to see hear, move along...
  7. Riverside under the drip

    Sam Gallagher Returns

    I honestly can't understand criticising a journalist for writing a balanced article querying the use of a big-money striker on the wing all season (especially considering the lack of goals). It's not as if there aren't any fans wondering exactly the same thing. Whether you think Gallagher has been decent or not, whether or not you'd prefer Armstrong or anyone else up front, there is obviously a debate to be had. Personally, I think his excellent work-rate and the 'nearly' way he looks like doing something hides the fact that nothing ever actually comes from it. We don't get nearly enough crosses from him and we don't get him heading other people's crosses in. We get just enough to not lump him in with Brereton as a complete failure (which isn't fair on either as they're obviously not getting game time in their preferred position). THIS IS IN NO WAY HIS FAULT!!! HE IS A STRIKER NOT A WINGER!!! Seriously, I'm going to repeat myself as it's so obvious: What is wrong with a journalist questioning the continued use of your 'star' striker on the wing when most would agree he'd be better up top?!
  8. Riverside under the drip

    The Riverside Stand Renovation Thread

    Jack's vision was for one of the best clubs in the country, a regular in Europe and commanding fans from across Lancashire (before Fleetwood, Morecambe and Stanley's rise). Like it or not we are not that club. We do not need and would be embarrassed by another Jack Walker stand. I don't think this is going to happen in the next decade (probably next few decades) but if it did... I would be in favour of something truly unique that would get people keen to stay in it (hotel/entertainment complex is a must for revenue). When I think of different stands, I think of Bristol Rovers. Not just a cuboid with blocks of seats and executive boxes. Of course, that particular stand is lower league and we can/should do better. Like this but not necessarily the same shape:
  9. Riverside under the drip


    Was too knackered to post when I got back last night but here's some thoughts, moans first : Nice ground in general if a little hard to reach! The exception being the away stand. No hot water in the toilets, kiosk out in the rain (decent pie though). No standing allowed on the (sort of) concourse. Straight to your seats if you don't want to get wet (1 hour+ to go before kick-off). Needs re-building to enter the 2000s. To the knuckle-dragging mouth-breather on the coach: We don't care about your opinion on hobknobs or the likelihood of making the club or more beer or how you can't pronounce foreign names. We just want to relax in peace and get home. Talk to your friends normally or SHUT THE **** UP!!! "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt." Suppose that goes for my moaning too... Those gripes aside, the football was excellent. Truly excellent. Charlton fans all seem to agree we outclassed them easily. They started very well but, after 10 minutes, we were the better team by miles. Walton did pull off blinders out of nowhere but I stress OUT OF NOWHERE. We could easily have scored more. Midfield bossed it. Samuel terrorised them; a superb lone-striker performance. It wouldn't be us if there weren't a few little negatives! Bell keeps kicking it out of play when he means to kick it inside. Brereton looked willing and has definitely improved but still looks like he can't control the ball (cutting into the box but then out for a goal kick rather than squaring it being a glaring example). A point at Brentford would do us very nicely. A loss and the gap widens again with less time left. Come on!
  10. Riverside under the drip

    Supporters Consultation Meeting

    Can't speak for this one but, last year, I went as a member of the 1875 Club. At that meeting, at least one boycotter was there and asked for his opinions directly by Waggott. The fact that nothing has been done subsequently is a separate issue but invitations are not confined to 'Rovers ra ra ra' (what even does that mean) fans.
  11. Riverside under the drip

    FFP Trouble

    "Food is a bit pricey now and the service is not so good." "Tough. Here's some freebies to shut you up." "How about some well-planned ideas to improve things?" "That would be awkward/pricey/involve planning so we're not going to attempt them." "Our squad doesn't seem to be improving." "We'd banked on flogging our one saleable asset at the end of the season on the assumption nothing would change over the course of half a season." Rovers are really a club with ambition to drive forward!
  12. Riverside under the drip

    Other Teams Message Boards

    I do go on the opposition's boards to hear a different view of our players and style after a game. The most common views are often: 1) "One of the most boring teams in the league." 2) "I wish our players closed down like Blackburn." 3) "Their CB (Lenihan) was a beast." Also, it is vey noticeable how well set up this site is in comparison. Like said above, so many threads with a couple or no replies saying exactly the same thing. There can be as many as 10 threads during the game! There also seem to be the arguments between the more 'excitable' members who always see a 4-0 win and those can't stand anything about the current manager.
  13. Riverside under the drip

    Preston (home)

    Therein lies the rub. "If he could control the ball like a footballer, he'd be alright..."
  14. Riverside under the drip

    Preston (home)

    I sit in the Riverside close to the Blackburn End and didn't hear a peep of this supposed criticism. No chance Mowbray heard it.
  15. Riverside under the drip

    Player of the year (so far)

    I too thought it would be tough but I too think Downing by a mile.

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