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  1. geedog13


    1 shot on target...
  2. geedog13


    I would stick brereton on for the last 15 / 20 mins aswell
  3. geedog13


    I'm going to say it worked with my daughter as this is now part of her bedroom wall lol
  4. geedog13


    You crack on mate got to get them into it and with the price of tickets at £2 a kid it's just the right price for first match as if she wants to leave you dont lose much..... I did the same two years ago with my daughter to a £2 cup match jw upper and now we have st in the river side together!!! Just remember it's not the football that matters it's her enjoying the night so its ingrained in her blood for life, it smells, the lights, the hugs from dad and the blue and white
  5. geedog13

    Summer Transfer Summary - Poll

    He is for a season... ... ..
  6. geedog13


    Why???? Because he pumps his fist at the end of the match........ should not be captain or be on the pitch!!!
  7. geedog13


    We play tomorrow night not tonight unless you mean the under23?
  8. geedog13

    Caption This

    I'll have a 7up chips and a cheese burger, if you have any left after dack was here?
  9. geedog13

    Fulham Away

    I know when everyone knows it's a nice south African red you should drink!!!!!
  10. geedog13

    Fulham Away

    Keep hearing we are in this but the stats say different
  11. geedog13

    New captain

  12. geedog13

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Bet he wishes he had signed for Blackburn now lol
  13. geedog13

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Cant help but think it is strange we have not had alot to do with Wigan before in the transfer window but we get a keeper they had last year on loan and then we loan then mulgrew.......
  14. geedog13

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    I can not believe people actually think mulgrew made his mind up to move yesterday around 1pm to 2pm .......... get a grip this would have been planned and talked about with managers, agents and wife...... probably around the same time conway made his mind up to go to try for game time Tony would have wanted him to stay and be there if needed ( as I think the loan would show not sold ) mulgrew will want to play as not doing will mean no Scotland team and as a leader and captain you show you want to play not sit on your ass, I think it is all above board and ok for everyone
  15. geedog13

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Hay I just remembered that someone said Haney was on his way back yesterday...... what happened there?!?!

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