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  1. Alejandro Tapia

    QPR Away

    Awful performance! I'm veey sad and worried pals because of a lot of reasons. First I have to say Tony I trust the boss and know he's more than good enough he had show that buuut... I think almoust all of us we are agree about Rovers should have a clear 11 but for some reason Tony still improvising and do it changes... Things are pretty clear to me Johnson Dack AN D Holtby has to be midfield since first minute... Second place...the defense so irregular and capable to show very poor level and horrible devolpment quite often...bell was the worst today and Williams has just a bad night a very bad one. Third place we are about to face very hard matches ibthink that the next "easy" that to should we say doable would be Barnsley in about a month before that only hard tasks...specially against Leeds and Preston shity tossers so we can be on the low part not at te relegation positions either but I'm a very bad one by the end of November... That was a very important match now the only option it is to face next matches with all what we have . #Rovers #ImRoversTillIDie #TheMexicanRover
  2. Alejandro Tapia

    QPR Away

    He won't even with more minutes pal let's face it he still having a lot of talent but he has a lot of years as well...
  3. Alejandro Tapia

    QPR Away

    QPR it is a very hard task for our Rovers and is a very important match cause we have the opportunity to still fighting for a top 10 place and cause if we lose again then some teams that are close down to us can finish the weekend above us and let's face it to take them down could be complicated with the calendar that we have aprouchig (shity preston and Leed) in the other hand the teams that are close to us but on a higher position would start to have certain distance from us once again cause the next complicated fixtures.... That's why I see next match as a very important one we have to improve a lot on our offensive and i guess that Holtby has to start as Bradley Johnson, Travis is good very good lad and that's why wee need a young ,fresh and very good skill gifted player comming from bench if the match is to tight. Sam Gallagher out now and streight to bench my patience with him is finally finished now...and i would play with Rothwell and Armstrong together since minute one... I'm specting a drawn 2-2 but we can win the match if we can play 45 minutes like the last 20 min that we showed against forest. Whoever if we looses wich is possible as well i know a lot of asshole will start to talk shit about our team but you now if we finish on top 10 would be great #COYBBR #ImRoversTillIDie #TheMexicanRover
  4. Alejandro Tapia

    Luton Town home

    Another great pportunity to get 3 points. Wehave the chance to keep wining as consolidating our high level amd great momentum is a doable rival we have several chances but we can't underestimate then... If Rovers use Armstrong since minute one and Brandley Johnson we won't any problem...about Holtby well i will use him in one of the halfs but not 90 minutes yet... I'm specting a 3-0 for Rovers but a victory whatever the score could be would be great fair and necessary. #ImRoversTillIDie #COYBBR #RoversForTheTop #TheMexicanRover
  5. Alejandro Tapia

    Reading (A)

    I think this match will be a very hatd one i know they are below on table but they have enough quality on squad and bench so i don't spect an easy match as some of you pals... I think we have good chances of we can cut their game constantly and we focuson rules the miedfield...something thst we have been done since the beginning of this campaign. I'm specting a victory for 1-0 but even a drawn wpuld be good enough causeto visit theyv s always complicated. #COYBBR #ImRoversTillIDie #TheMexicanRover
  6. Alejandro Tapia


    What a great result i think we show very good level a lotbof positive aspectes...clean sheet very important and well deerv three points...the strongest defensive performance until now especially Leninham inthink he's commanding the bottom of pitch already he will be a great captain im sure...Dack scored and that's great we'll need onnhis best level... So yes a lot of positive thig to talk about buuuuut...we need to keep focus and working cause next fixture won't be so easy i trust my colors like always but reading could mean trouble if we start underestimating rivals. Any way well done my Rovers lets go for the top come on!! #ImRoversTillIDie #COYBBR #TheMexicanRover
  7. Alejandro Tapia


    Not to me pal.
  8. Alejandro Tapia


    I would make just one change pal Armstrong for Rothwell
  9. Alejandro Tapia


    Well pals a very importantmatch to us we are on a bad position on table but we only need 3 more points to be on top again... I know that much of you aren't happy with the development from our Rovers by far but let's face it what did you spect against many of the stongest rivals in this division...i think we had showed actually that we have a enough competitive squad and that we can aspire to top 10 this season... Millwall is the first of some much more doable matches i belive on my colors and i know we can do it. We only need to pass the ball constantly and quick enough keep focus the complete 90 minutes and they will be lost... We have better offensive and midfield I spect another great macth from Downing and a victory from our Rovers by 2-0 #ImRoversTillIDie #COYBB #TheMexicanRover
  10. Alejandro Tapia

    Club vs Country

    Well pals, a weekend without football is always a shit weekend but i also though that not so many teams can say that thise time off is positive like we can say.... I know there are some of you that could be thinking why? There's only injury riskes and pointlees matches...the truth is... We have very important matches next so we need to still improving a time off in the end is more time to work wothout some pressure...also we'll have much more time to prepare those matches and face them properly and on a better fiscal way. The best part of this is that we will recover a lot of players some very important and another bunch of bench palyers that need to be at least at same level of development than the rest of our squad. Very doables and very importants to get higher on the table. #ImRoversTillIDie #COYBBR
  11. Alejandro Tapia

    West Brom Away

    Well pals after this match will have a much more easy schedule with accessible opponents...now west brom has an squad with lots of talent but is not so complete or better than fullham or cardiff and we did well against them plus they aren't showing a good development... It's always complicated to visit midlands... but we are showing good football...if we stand and hold the first 15 or 20 minutes we'll going to have a lot of possibilities to control midfield and we have good chances... I spect a victory for Rovers 1-0 and hopefully Gallagher will play better ,more relax and with out pressure...i specting a lot of goals from him. #ImRoversTillIDie #TheMexicanRover #COYBBR
  12. Alejandro Tapia

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Thanks pal
  13. Alejandro Tapia

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Ok...got it!! thanks!!!
  14. Alejandro Tapia

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    Anybody knowa or has some stramig for tonight's game?...won't be on Ifollow.
  15. Alejandro Tapia

    Sheffield united away- League cup

    What a great match will be tomorrow I'm sure...i think we have some chances cause Sheffield has to keep fresh their squad i think that they will make some rotations and that's our chance... But anyway i know that will be complicated and that their ground is a complicated one but even if Rovers loose this game we have to support amd to lnow that our priority this season is to build a team and to finish this campaign as high as we can...in order to that cup could be even a distractor...i rather to do a good job on league and not in this cup...but our squad amd manager knows that matches against those sheep wangers are special so i only ask 100% commitment for my team. #TheMexicanRover #ImRoversTillIDie #COYBBR

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