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  1. Alejandro Tapia

    Hull (A)

    Oii pal! I follow you on YouTube since the second half of last campaign...i from Mexico and I'm Rovers since 2001 and i waant to be on your new section of the show of curse if it's possible...i hope you answer even if there's no more chances...congrata you make a great job #TheMexicanRover #Roversince2001 #LancashireProud
  2. Alejandro Tapia

    Hull (A)

    Oiii pal! I follow on YouTube since second half of the last campaign...im Rovers since 2001 I'm from mexico and i wish if it's possible be part of your new section on your channel.... I hope you answer even if there's no more chances...congrats you do a great work pal. #TheMexicanRover #Roversince2001 #COYBBR
  3. Alejandro Tapia

    Hull (A)

    What a great football match I'm specting pals...BBR against hull used to be good matches...know! About our possibilities...well we'll play against a team that will improve that's for sure i think they will play very ofensive cause needs the points they are very effective woth tje passes and they are on they grpund wich is a hard one as well... The key will be out middle field if our men in the middle of pich can handle the match and contain the beginning we'll have chances to win plus...i think we have better offensive options.... I spect a victory but let's face it a draw would be good enough indeed. #TheMexicanRover #COYBBR #LancashireProud
  4. Alejandro Tapia

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Well why...well pal I'ma rover thanks that i used to watch beitish football all saturdays morning and inremember one day back to 2001 a Rovers 2 Totenham hotsperm1 i thougj what a way to play of that team speacially that Tugay...and then i thoug what a beautiful colors and crest after that a masive 7-1 against liverpool we won the league cup amd i felt a Rover already so yes since then pal and some day ibwill go straight to Blackburn to see my Rovers. #TheMexicanRover #ImRoversTillIDie #Roversince2001
  5. Alejandro Tapia

    Middlesbrough (H)

    I hope that means something good pal jajajaja...but yes im mexican an proudly Rover since 2001 my favorite ever players are of course Alan Shearer (wasnt a rover yet back to that time but he's a blody leyend) Morten Gamst Pedersen, Robeet Savage (some rovers fans asked me why more than once) Brad Friedel, Bennedict McCarthy and my very favorite one Tugay the reason why i used to woke up very early every weekend and watch british football...And someday i will go to the holly ground of Ewood to see my Rovers...you will see Coker. #TheMexicanRover #Roversince2001 #ImRoversTillIDie
  6. Alejandro Tapia

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Totally agree Bennett is a better player by far on this beginning of season and actually yes i think those three points will stay at Ewood
  7. Alejandro Tapia

    Middlesbrough (H)

    I think Bennett is much bettwr option indeed and I'm think Tony knows it
  8. Alejandro Tapia

    Middlesbrough (H)

    Yes pal i am indeed!!! So thanks to tell me about this group and for show me that season ticket hahaha. COME ON YOU ROVERS
  9. Alejandro Tapia

    Middlesbrough (H)

    come on Rovers!!!! So exited pals thisbis a very important match to us we need those 3 points so much!!! I bekive on my team we played very good against fullham...also rovers has some good ways to defeat boro... We have fast transitions with ball we don't have probles with our sides cause Downing and even Chapman could give us some speed we only need to focus on fucking score o i knowthat nobody trust on Gallagher but i do he has the pontential to be at least a very descent scorer but maybe wpuld be a good idea if he comes from the banch this match cause Graham deserves an opportunity to show he can still being reilable... Something happens on me whne Rovers has a match against a york rival and im from mexico i can only imagine how exited you are.
  10. Alejandro Tapia

    Middlesbrough (H)

    I think this is a very important match to us boro are has a very good roster, they a have a very clear idea of football and they play keeping stick to that idea since a couple of campaigns now. We need those 3 points to much we are not on a crisis or something like that but yes we can finish the season on a shity place again like 17th or 18th if we doesen't improve. Our problem i think is not quality cause defenitly we have a better squad that last campaign (Downing Johnson and Cunningham)...so it's the mentality of the players they doesen't trust on this project. Tony needs to get back the control of this ship we are on time and we are capable to do it. We have enought talent i guess and if we play as we did it against london cottoners scum I'm sure boro won't have any chance. Let's support our Rovers!!! #TheMexicanRover #ImRoversTillIDie #COYBB
  11. Alejandro Tapia


    Nothing to celebrate we need to still improving if we want to have any chance againg sheffield united and on league that is to much more important we have to win against boro somethind that is veey possible and doable to me.... The best part of this is that Downing still showing that he will be much more important to us that we belived and that are reilable players that could start pushing tonhave more minutes on the first 11 like chapman he deserves a chance anyway a victoryis a victory and we really needed this for a positive change on mentality. #TheMexicanRover #ImRoversTillIDie #COYBB
  12. Alejandro Tapia

    Thw importance of the cup matches.

    You think pal? Come on! We are on time to turn thisnand i think we have enough squad.
  13. Well pals... i think we are showing some positive things and in sure we will improve our performance this season. A very important aspect in order to that will be to have a very different beginning on the cup...we have expectations for that tournament as well and i think that is going to be a great chance to watch some possibly important players... There are some names like Smallwood, both goalkeepers, Rothwell even Evans and more that will have to show their skills and the confidence they have on their owna and manager as well. We need reilable options in banch as well cup matches will be vitals to see ho can do it and who doesnt have a chance. In the other hand it's a chance to win and that makes everything easier even the cinfodence to work all week long will be more and better.
  14. Alejandro Tapia

    Summer Transfer Window 2019

    Now im nervous..im still believing on my team but yes we just made weaker even a side of pitch that was weak enough...now indeed could be a hard seasson so...our midfield and atack will have to do a gret and notorious campaign. And i don't kno why still thinking about Cunningham time's out pals!
  15. Alejandro Tapia

    Mowbray In? Mowbray Out?

    Youbare wrong pal...he is rebuilding the team thats a long proces maybe is not going to be easy...maybe we could fpund somebody bettwr for the job even but pal...Tony feels this colours nd he is happy to work with us...almoust the managers looks Rovers just like a step to going quickly to some other club i think Tony is really happy here...i inderstand your argument but i think he deserves at least a bunch more of games and that's all...Rovers has possibilities i don't think that our reality is what we showed last fixture....we can do it much more better and we will.

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