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  1. Iceman

    The Relegation Thread

    We can never get a consistent run going. Even back in the good old days, we to hand out wins against struggling teams. Sent from my Hisense F20 using Tapatalk
  2. Iceman

    The Relegation Thread

    This is Rovers, and You know how this normally goes right?
  3. Iceman

    Fútbol, Le Foot, Voetbal, ποδόσφαιρο

    R.I.P to all those who died. Terrible news that.
  4. Iceman

    The Relegation Thread

    Not really, some games we might lose
  5. Iceman

    Premier League Stuff

    Sounds like the episode of South Park
  6. Iceman

    Premier League Stuff

    I guess anybody would be happy with 50k a week for 2 mins playing time, and a few hours of training. Thats the life hey [emoji15]
  7. Iceman

    Elton John Concert At Ewood

    Goodbye England's Rose at Ewood Park...
  8. Iceman

    Premier League Stuff

    Go on Hull
  9. Iceman


    good grief! is the Donald for real? This guy needs to be medically checked out. Personally thought Obama was a good president. He spoke very well, and did some good things in his 8 years at the helm. He also did a few strange things by what people have said, but i think most would probably want Obama to remain, instead of seeing either Trump or Clinton take over.
  10. Iceman

    New Camera Position In Riverside

  11. Iceman

    Premier League Stuff

    Could have been to us but who wants to play for the lovely Venkys
  12. Iceman

    Premier League Stuff

    Lovely to see Man United ripped apart by a Champions league team. 4-1 final score
  13. Thanks will check those 2 out
  14. he is turning 7.. He is quite smart and like i said he enjoys Minecraft. So he seems to be enjoying the whole strategy type of thing by the looks of things. He does have the Lego games on PS3.
  15. Mainly for him. He likes minecraft and this plants vs zombies thing. Anything else?
  16. I finally switched from my old PS3 to an Xbox One. Bloody hell, i see now they releasing the Xbox One S.. oh well, i dont play much anyway, and my kids birthday is soon, so i bought it for him as a present. any good Xbox One games guys?
  17. Iceman

    Academy & U21s

    If you dont produce at least 1 youngster from the academy a year, and he doesnt make the 1st team then you should be worried. the academy costs money to maintain, so you have to ensure you get youngsters in that has potential to make the step up.
  18. Iceman

    Premier League Stuff

    United looking to swap Darmian for Matic, Dont know who would be getting the better deal. I reckon Chelsea, as im not convinced so much about Matic
  19. Iceman

    New Camera Position In Riverside

    So they could have sold 10 season tickets last season, and now sold 25. Show us the actuals, rather than percentages. In fact percentages mean nothing, unless you can show the exact figures. Not really. What if they appointed me? Oh never mind, i know one person without a doubt who will hate them appointing me. So i get tour point lol
  20. Im surprised Keef Andrews aka pointy hasnt been approached yet.
  21. Iceman

    Most Famous Blackburn Lad Ever?

    Famous ever is Isgak

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