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  1. toogs

    Stewart Downing Signs

    20k x 52 = £1040000. IF 20 k is true Football is clinically insane
  2. Judging players isn’t one of your strong points.
  3. toogs

    Championship 2018-19

    Being bankrolled back to the prem by sky. And they still haven’t managed it despite it going on for years.
  4. toogs

    Retained list 2018/2019 Season

    We are certainly "Not for profit" ! 😋
  5. toogs

    Rovers away at QPR - Good Friday 19th April 2019

    We are running out of games to get the young lads in. Unsuprisingly.
  6. toogs

    ROVERS V Frank Lampards DCFC

    First read through I saw this as a joke. Then I realised you are being serious. And I agree ☹️
  7. toogs


    Wouldnt put it past right wing crackpots filibustering us to a no deal on Friday. I suspect it will be manic that day Hope you are right den.
  8. toogs


    Still very worried we will crash out by default (it’s the law) this Friday.
  9. 34 mins stoke player down injured. Stoke controlling the game. Stoke players all gathered around the manager getting instructions. Rovers players ambled around the penalty area whilst Mowbray stayed in dugout. This isnt the first time its happened this season. Same mistakes/unprofessionalism repeated time and again. Times up I’m afraid. Give it Johnson until the end of the season and review things from there. At least that’s what would happen if the club was run properly. But we all know it isn’t.
  10. They didnt impress me much in league 1
  11. Subs should have been made 5 min ago is Mowbray trying to get the sack?
  12. toogs


    Legal default is we leave on the 12th April. The Law. If we get to Monday I suspect we will have run out of time for anything other than the default. Grim.
  13. toogs


    My gut feeling is that the (legal) default position will come to pass - which will be a no deal brexit on April 12th. If that is averted somehow (got my doubts) we are into the realms of a longer extension, new conservative leader, who lets face it will be a right wing Brexiter, who will favour no deal, and a general election. Does anyone agree with this? Hope I'm wrong because frankly I'm shitting myself over No Deal. It will be like the wild west.
  14. toogs

    Preston at Home

    Starting 11 today was the league 1 team + Reid. Mowbray is clearly not taking us forward. Large number of signings needed in the summer. I’m afraid I don’t trust him to make those signings.
  15. toogs

    Preston at Home

    Let’s hope Tony starts with a striker on the pitch for the first half this time, unlike his lamentable tactics at Deepdale.
  16. toogs

    Reading v Rovers

    poor bastards
  17. toogs

    Reading v Rovers

    Considering reading aren't very good, yes
  18. toogs

    Reading v Rovers

    His balence is awful. And that's something you can't coach
  19. toogs


    We don't play with wingers like we did last time he was here. He needs a good supply because he is a fantastic header. However I don't thinks he'd get it with the current tactics.
  20. toogs

    Brad Friedel

    You can vote for the best title winning Keeper in the premier league era on the BBC website. Brad Friedel isn’t on it. Joe Hart is.
  21. toogs


    His player loyalty policy will be his undoing. Not sure how we can progress with that sort of thinking. Very worrying.
  22. toogs


    Apples and oranges.
  23. Travis plays a high risk/high reward forward passing game (much like Tugay used to do - many experts on here called it tugay's imaginary friend). You can't make an omlette without breaking eggs.

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