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  1. True that, one point goes a long way to help in the relegation battle. Better to get the points now than towards the end. Can't see Rovers been able to handle a relegation battle as we weren't built for that at the start of the season (mentally & team-wise).
  2. May just work if Brereton has a football brain and can control a ball.
  3. Good night from Asia here. Hopefully tomorrow will be a new beginning.
  4. He's not leaving. Venky's not sacking him. Which means the journey continues on. It's slow and painful. Even lady luck has deserted us.
  5. The interview was too long. He should have said "It's my fault, but it's time for someone to continue this journey with Blackburn Rovers, i've tried all i can". I will have reserve abit more respect for him.
  6. Wild but just realised Thierry Henry is available. Knows best about making possession football count (during his Arsenal/Wenger days). Continuing the journey from Tony, maybe?
  7. Finally February is over! What a month, from touching distance of top 6 to touching distance of bottom 6. Totally wasted the past 6 games. Any, any decent manager should get more than what our head coach achieved. Yet he is still hanging around, insisting he's not a burden, unless been told so. The football is horrible to watch for the past couple of months, tactics are still the same, players blow hot and cold, mainly cold yet. Hopefully in March, the boys can man up on the field, show abit of fight and get some points onboard, before we get sucked into an unexpected relegation batt
  8. Did you not see the possession stats? We will trying to improve the percentages in the final 10 minutes.
  9. It's a good victory for us today (in terms of possession) 67% to 33%. Our passing accuracy beat Coventry as well. I'm a performance/statistics-based fan, results don't really matter.
  10. https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19118986.tony-mowbray-doesnt-want-a-burden-rovers/ He's not leaving unless the Venkys tell him so. He wants his payout. His interviews lately are so predictable - An style of football hes trying to get us playing (and proceeds to name drop Brentford, Swansea, Liverpool...) The journey story and XX number of games into it Injury issues (as if all those who are injured can walk into the first eleven - probably only Lenihan and Ayala) Loss of form happens to every club blah blah... Not his fault but if it is, Ve
  11. I will omit the "Thank you". It's too late now.
  12. Is there such a league where promotion/relegation is purely based on performance.. which i'm not aware about? Tony, you are getting weirder with each interview.
  13. We aren't brave enough to kick Mowbray off the bus and get someone like Pearson onboard. Pearson wont guarantee Bristol City a playoff chance but at least there's a fresh view on their current squad, a manager who can inject new energy, ideas into the team. We are just stale and still trying to find our "identity" with the pointless possession football shit.
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