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  1. Proudest of a Rovers player all season. Was critical of him and his price tag but he has improved this season. Really really happy for Brereton. Already more senior international goals than Arma. 😄
  2. The faster we sell Armstrong the better. He's not going to stay here, we should just get as much as we can from his sale and say thank you and move on. I rather Venky keep the money than giving Tony more money to spend on Boro rejects. He spent 12mil on BB and Gally, he jolly well squeeze the best out of them. He shouldnt be get any more money.
  3. Nothing wrong about Brentford in the PL. They have been knocking the doors and deserves their spot. I rather my team to be a little "nasty and niggly" and get promoted than being nice and friendly and stays in the 2nd division. They found a way to get promoted and that's all it matters. Well done Bees.
  4. They should try and take Mowbray from us. He got West Brom promoted 2000 years ago and got us promoted from League One... as runner up, not too long ago. He's got good pedigree.
  5. Rothwell is a frustrating one. You know he has the ability yet our manager can't seem to bring the best out of him. He has the quality bringing the ball from midfield to the edge of the box, then thats where his brain switches off, its often a misplaced pass or he doesn't know what to do with the ball. Of course, he did a score from a few solo-runs. But he hasn't been consistent with his performance. Definitely still want to keep him if we can. A few glimpses of quality is better than non at all.
  6. Seems like the journey is continuing eh? Can't wait for next season!
  7. Strange we didn't have a Young Player of the Year? Dont we always have one - last year was Buckley, no?
  8. Let's face it. I think he's not getting sacked anymore. He's already planning which player he is keeping or not next season.
  9. A little tint of sadness when i saw Holtby's video. There's always that bit of little creative spark from him. Shame we don't see it more often enough, whether it's in the first eleven or from the bench. But he's a genuine guy, and still only 30. Wishing him all the best. It's nice for the club to do videos like these. I hope Bennett gets one too.
  10. No matter how selfish Armstrong is, i rather him taking any shots than any of our 10 other players.
  11. To get him injured so that Tony can have an excuse to get money from Venkys to bring defenders. Defenders are coming!
  12. He's grown into his role at the back. I love to him back again next season. I dont think he's at Tosin's stage to want to demand first team football (hence he left for Fulham) so hopefully City can loan him back to us again.
  13. Such a shame. We were actually quite comfortable without having to move up a gear. Then Bell's defending showed why he doesn't deserve a new contract (which is good news)
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