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  1. This game seems to be shown live on Skysports Red Button, does it mean overseas RoversTV subscribers (non-dark territories) won't be able to watch it LIVE?
  2. From Barnsley's play, they seem to have a plan on what to do. We are just huffing and puffing and hoping some lucky will come our way.
  3. I miss Arma. He will slot that in and wheel off with the Angel celebration.
  4. Nothing from Poveda and Dolan. So sloppy play and passing everywhere. We can win this, get Butterworth and Khadra on soon!
  5. Really happy for Butterworth finally getting his chance after all those injuries. And excited about what he brings to the team, seems to have that mobility, skill and pace and an eye for goal. Lets hope he can put those injuries behind him. Someone mentioned he's like a Dack which i think he aint far off.
  6. Yes exactly. Bar the goal, it was almost like he's trying to play like Gally. Poor touch, constantly losing the ball in dangerous positions.
  7. Hull's game seems to be on EFL broadcast list tonight which means overseas fans cant watch the game again, for the 2nd game running? 😡
  8. Gallagher is so bad. No footballing brain, no first touch. Ben is equally to blame. Totally switched off as though we won the game.
  9. The game is selected for LIVE telecast and won't be shown on Rovers TV if you are overseas (unless you are in some 'dark' territories)
  10. Poveda, Dolan and this Brighton kid. Some tricky attacking threat, hopefully they will combine and replicate Harvey's goal and assist contributions last season. Now, we need a Armstrong's replacement.
  11. Tony is just lazy here. Same formation with Dolan replacing Armstrong. Our two strikers are still on wings, cant win headers, did nothing. Rothwell and Buckley might as well not play. Missing entirely. Defence is slightly better so far, dealt with the corners. But u just feel Millwall will score sooner or later. We have zero attacking threat. Long balls against Millwall is a joke.
  12. Whats our possession percetages? Dont really care about scorelines.
  13. Same thought, just a bit more red as accent color in the collar or sleeve will be make the shirt feels more complete. Now, its just safe. Nothing wrong but just safe. Last season was better imo.
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