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  1. Stunning goal and the roar afterwards. Incredible!
  2. My language points to how angry your post made me, nothing more. It is not unreasonable to expect equal treatment to everyone else, at all. You don’t think the younger generation are disproportionately affected, because they haven’t died? Young people are the ones that are going to have to pick up the bill for this, despite many of their industries being destroyed, for a virus that does not damage them in general. In fact, it doesn’t do much damage to anyone healthy.
  3. In short, get fucked. ’vastly discounted rate’, so it fucking should be, young adults are more often than not the ones in the worst financial position. Young families, poorer wages, high outgoings etc. Think this says a lot about you that you seem to have a grievance for this age category getting a discounted ticket price. They would get the same % discount as everyone else (if they had a ST last year), so they wouldn’t be getting it at a cheaper rate. Anyone aged 23 the day of the Derby game back in 2020, is looking at a £220 price increase, straight off the back of a worl
  4. I’ve defended Southgate to the hilt the past few years, most probably to try and justify to myself why I spend so much money travelling the world watching England, but last night was a fucking disgrace. As has been said, he prioritised not being the bloke who lost to Scotland in the Euros at Wembley, over beating them. A piss poor indicator of what he truly thinks is possible for this group. Anyone know what Brendan Rodgers is doing this next few weeks?
  5. Winner: France Surprise: Poland England: Losing finalists
  6. I can vividly remember the vast majority of the stadium (probably 75%) standing up to “stand up, if you want Venky’s Out”, live on Sky, at home to Wigan just after Alcaraz scored. It did nothing to the chicken chokers’ opinion & there’s never been a show of unity like it since. As many have mentioned, they’ll never be effected by any form of protest because they simply don’t give a shit. I have no idea what the solution is, but NAPM even with that level of unity probably wouldn’t make a difference, which is highly painful.
  7. Oh aye, such a fantastic trip to our neighbours across the Pennines/back in the 1970’s.
  8. We’re also playing Bradford away the week before Bolton apparently.
  9. You may be right but everyone I’ve spoken to today thinks it’ll be great. Though I have just been told that the Beehive got ruined in the Horwich flood. Touch unfortunate.
  10. Can’t say I disagree with you to be fair. I really like all 4 & AWB, it’s great that we have such depth there. FWIW I think he will take 3, as Walker can play CB in a 3. Then it will be Trippier and either/or from James & TAA. I wouldn’t disagree with that either myself, but I would say Trent has more ‘big game’ experience than James, and that may edge it, but also GS doesn’t seem to like TAA.
  11. I’m not digging you out, but I saw this earlier. I think Trent is the best we have due to his versatility but I was shocked to see these stats. https://twitter.com/joel_archie/status/1397145363916673029?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1397145363916673029|twgr^|twcon^s1_c10&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fd-40320892142202381041.ampproject.net%2F2105150310000%2Fframe.html Link didn’t go how I expected, here are the stats: Defensive statistics this season (league games only) Tackle success: Trent 57.9% Walker 54.3% Trippier 43.9% James 38.8% Dribbl
  12. On the face of it, Bolton away is a brilliant fixture. Should be cheap, it’s local, and we will get a decent allocation. As it looks like it’ll be one of the first games for almost 18 months, I suspect a sellout (despite everyone on here saying they aren’t going again under TM - myself including) & hopefully a good day on the beers. Added benefit of rubbing it into Bolton that they’re hosting us in a PSF, because they’re shit. To be fair to the club (if they organised it rather than being approached), it’s a great bit of planning.
  13. Is this to say he’s actually pissed off about it? If so, another reason to fuck him off. What a tosser if he’s really not made up for him!
  14. Poor Lionel. His contract is up at Barca and now he’s going to be shown up by Ben, and replaced by him after a £75m transfer…
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