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  1. As though the current situation paints the club in a good light? It’s people’s right to protest, having a few pints doesn’t change that does it? All I am saying is Ewood Park is not a long walk from the Brown Cow, Havelock etc. A bit of liquid courage and people may want to tell Mowbray he’s a prick in person.
  2. With pubs half opening on Monday, if by Saturday we are 1/17 I can see some drunken folk making a beeline for Ewood anyway, regardless of anything being planned, when they realise they can make their voice heard for the first time…
  3. Is it worth getting in touch with Plagiarism Begins At Home (https://instagram.com/plagiarism_begins_at_home?igshid=qmbt8txit7r6)? He’s a sticker guy but also a Rovers fan. If he’s willing & can produce a sticker with the QR code on, it could be plastered around the town perhaps?
  4. Can we get this in writing? Not that I don’t like you, it’s just quite the hill to die on. Must have some serious faith in him leaving.
  5. Did it fuck as like. That would be a sensible thing to do, and they are outlawed at boardroom level within this club.
  6. Tony, Steve and Venus are here for the long haul. But if by some miracle the Venky’s pot them - I want Ainsworth. No doubt he isn’t the best manager out there, but his interviews ahead of the game yesterday and back in Autumn tell me everything I need to hear. He loves this club & town, probably more than any person in football today. His rock and roll, balls to the wall attitude would be the most fun we’ve had following the club in 10+ years. I would take GA & a relegation scrap over Mowbray & mid table every week, because I would be 100% sure that everything possible
  7. He’s probably been mentioned, but David Artell is the route I would go down for a manager from the league below. Done wonders at Crewe. I’d take a punt on Ainsworth too. I think the injection of enthusiasm would be re-invigorating for the fanbase & the players. He hasn’t done too badly this season with a significantly worse squad than we have at our disposal & must have something about him to get Wycombe players playing to a level that saw them end up in the Championship. A left field shout from me would be Di Matteo. EDIT. I am aware it will be more of a Ton
  8. Is this Tony saying: “Who the fuck has leaked this?” or is he saying “I no longer control the transfers”? As far as I can see it’s been pretty black and white, we have placed a bid. Confirmed by their manager & both Sharpe & Crooke? https://twitter.com/jaquobc/status/1349715503938461696?s=21
  9. Two adaptations of the Chapman song: There’s a star man, playing on the wing, he came from Preston North End and he didn’t cost a thing There’s a star man, playing on the right, his name is Tyrhys Dolan and he thinks North End are shite.
  10. On this basis I’d do what Derby have done with Rooney. Offer him a player coach role on a mint. Can’t be any worse than Benson...
  11. Genuine curiousness... If the worst should happen to the Venky family. Who would then take control of the club? A trust like the Walker Trust?
  12. For me the biggest problem with Bennett is the captaincy. If I remember correctly, when Mulgrew was shipped down the M6, the other players voted on a new captain didn’t they? I don’t speak for anyone else, but I know for a fact if I was to vote who I’d want as my team leader at work, I wouldn’t be voting for the person who makes my life most difficult & demands the most out of me. It should never have been the players’ decision who was temporary captain, that was doomed from the very start. They picked their mate. What’s more worrying is the fact that TM didn’t have the conv
  13. Surely it’s Jones? We’ve been linked with him and Rangers have confirmed he can leave on loan as they’re looking to free up wages for a player who can help sustain their push for the title
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