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  1. Good point away despite their goal. 8 from 15 is playoff level points. Maintaining it is another story
  2. Suppose I'm just pointing out that we are moaning when we've no real idea how successful they'll be.. everyone (including me) thought Trybull and Douglas would be great but they were pony.
  3. True... how many champ games did Trtbull and Douglas have again?
  4. See West Brom are signing a player on loan from Brighton, bet their fans aren't going ballistic like some...
  5. This centre back from Brighton means Magoloire will go on loan, Carter to stay. Magoloire although quick just isn't quite there yet for me. Playing 20 odd games in Holland is a step up to half a season in Scotland. Now if we don't buy a striker then that is the biggest sign we are in trouble...I'm not Confident
  6. Yeah quit after taking the team up at first attempt...
  7. Hornby? he's only scored 3 more than Nyambe in his career
  8. So Dolan with less first team games then....looks a bang average player.
  9. Played some games for their under 23s at end of season. So it's more a case of of good player, now fit and needs games. Happy with this one
  10. Good news is Derby and Peterborough look worse than us
  11. I don't remember any player thanking or praising Kean for anything (except the prick Orr). Armstrong has just praised Mowbray quite passionately in his leaving message. Can't compare the two. Be clear I do think he needs to go but he isn't or ever will be worse than Kean.
  12. I presume the 3 million extra will then have the same 40% sent off to Newcastle. Hence the fee undisclosed
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