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  1. Sorry but Etuhu is an abysmal footballer. Use of the ball is terrible.
  2. It's an absolutely vulgar comparison and Blatter should apologise immediately.
  3. As I've said before, how many chemists are going to be happy stocking this stuff and having 20 smackheads queueing in their shop, probably helping themselves to various other items whilst they're there? And is the resident junkie going to nip down to Boots and pay £5 for a fix (complete with £3 tax) or is he going to ring up Dodgy Dave and get it illegally for half the price?
  4. I absolutely agree. Gerrard has exceptional work rate and can strike the ball tremendously as witnessed at Newcastle. But in terms of making the play or being a pivotal central midfielder he falls way short. In the 2005 Champions League final, Gerrard scored an important goal but Dietmar Hamman was the player responsible for balancing Liverpool's ship and that's because Gerrard does not have the discipline or the intelligence to play effectively as one of two central midfielders. The pundits scream blue murder when Benitez shunts him to the right but he isn't actually as good a central midfielder as either Mascherano or Alonso. Mascherano and Alonso have the ability to retain possession in midfield with intelligence passing and movement, and also to screen their defence responsibly. Gerrard is a match-winner, but he's lacking as a footballer. He's exactly the same as Lampard. Neither have the skills to suit the international, or European, style and both have their best success when played alongside TWO midfielders with better understanding of the requirements in this regard.
  5. A team of footballers will always beat a team of athletes. The difference in ball retention is ridiculous. Can we now stop this nonsense that Gerrard and Lampard are world class footballers? They're good in the crash bang wallop of the Premier League but they've both been overshadowed by Modric who looks a tremendously talented player.
  6. I disagree. He stood out at City because he was a whole-hearted aggressive player in amongst a team of rubber dingy men. He's no more of player than a Michael Brown or Lee Carsley. David Dunn is a much more talented footballer and Barton wouldn't be an improvement on Reid or Savage.
  7. And a bit of talent. Joey Barton isn't a very good footballer. He was absymal against Sunderland. His ball retention was awful.
  8. Decent showing tonight but Beckham's quality masks a total lack of imagination everywhere else in the team. He's set up 3 out of 4 of our goals this past week but I'm failing to remember any chances created via any other avenue. Nothing's changed from the Croatia, Israel and Macedonia games apart from Becks coming back to save the day.
  9. We produce athletes in this country who can run all day and hustle and bustle. Its why someone with guile and composure like Tugay can still dominate almost any midfield in the Premiership despite being 58. The touch and technique of even our supposed top players like Lampard is terrible. Someone like Carrick who is touted as some silky midfield ball-player is frankly ordinary and then in the ties against Milan progressing to "found out" and "awful".
  10. Talking about the Lampard/Gerrard issue is pointless now. The reality is that Frank Lampard isn't an international footballer. Gerrard shouldn't be part of that debate.
  11. Jenas?! McClaren's having a laugh now.
  12. Absolutely ridiculous. Bentley could realistically be playing in Estonia on June 6th, joining up with the U-21s for their first game on the 11th and playing in the final on June 23rd and we have our first friendly at Wrexham on the 10th July. If he does join up with the U-21 squad, I can't see him featuring in any of our Intertoto matches.
  13. On another forum I visit, I know a Chelsea fan (who wouldn't bs me) and he was at the Nuts awards. He said to Benni that he'd love to see him at Chelsea and Benni was as non-committal as he could be but did say "we'll see by Friday". A guy Benni was with was a little less diplomatic and said that Benni and Peter Kenyon had had talks earlier in the day. On a lighter note, he brought up the story of the Tugay substitution/Stephen Hunt's antics I'd told him earlier in the week. When describing Stephen Hunt, Benni used quite a few expletives that I couldn't possibly reproduce here.
  14. To be fair to Corbett, I was a little vague with my description of what he's up to. I understand that he is concentrating on training to be a pharmacist now rather than simply working as a shop assistant at Boots.
  15. Jimmy Corbett who we beat off much competition to sign for in excess of half a million as an 18 year old has just signed for Folkstone Invicta and is working part-time in Boots by London Bridge.
  16. Heard off two different people on different sites about some tension in the England ranks. Obviously unsubstantiated but I'd love it if it was true. Copy and paste job:
  17. Season tickets are great value but due to work commitments I'm unable to commit to one. £27 should be the absolute limit for ticket prices and being stuck on the front row of the Riverside or down in the corner by the Darwen End for that price is simply not atttractive value. I readily admit that my interest is not what it once was. I highly doubt I'll be watching the game at all on Tuesday. The few home games I haven't attended this year, I've had better things to do than stand in the Hordens staring at a telly.
  18. The club only have themselves to blame. John Williams as a businessman must surely know the implications of pursuing a premium pricing policy - by its very nature it means extracting the maximum revenue possible from a smaller number of customers. This is a man who has overseen what is effectively a 35% drop in sales numbers during his time in charge - if he didn't think that this season's walk-on price rises would see a further severe decline in our gates then his incompetence is staggering. In any other business he'd have been gone a long time ago and it's baffling how he's not hanging onto his job for dear life. Nothing will improve our attendances until we get someone new at the top with innovative ideas and a more sensible pricing strategy. I won't be going on Boxing Day - I simply cannot justify to myself paying the prices asked. 20 years ago I could never have envisaged missing a game through choice but no 90 minute game of football is worth 36 pounds to me. People can bang on that that is the price we have to pay for Premiership football, take it or leave it - well in that case I'll leave it. I can live without going to sit on a plastic toilet seat lid, in silence no less, to see Premiership 'superstars' who aren't even that good or that entertaining. When you're paying £50 a game and there's 6,000 on, you can carry on patting yourself on the back about how you've still not turned your back on the club. And JW will no doubt be chuffed at another season of rising gate receipts.
  19. ROVERS: Friedel, Neill, Ooijer, Todd, McEveley, Bentley, Mokoena, Savage, Peter, Gallagher, Derbyshire Subs: Brown, Tugay, Nonda, McCarthy, Pedersen, Nolan, Gray.
  20. Can't say I'll miss the smug, self-important git.
  21. The second ball back into the box (from the left) is hit backwards so he isn't offside.
  22. Managers often cite cost as an issue but that is an absolute myth. It's really down to short-term attitudes and feeling that buying a foreigner is a safer bet. The Premiership has seen plenty of foreigners who are absolute garbage or very very mediocre at best - Mokoena, Amdy Faye, Benjani and Paul Stalteri are just a few who spring to mind. Managers need to have confidence in their judgement when signing a lower league player. Darren Bent cost Charlton £3m, Michael Dawson cost a similar figure from Forest. There's bargains to be had - Wigan paid a quarter of a million for Jimmy Bullard and Kevin Doyle came over from Ireland for £78,000. For what we will pay Nonda over the course of this one season, we could have purchased and paid a young striker such as Billy Sharp or Will Hoskins and had someone who could have been a great asset to the club for 5/6/7 years plus.
  23. I voted Panesar a few weeks back. Two good test matches might have seen him get it but not a chance now - Darren Clarke's a shoe-in.
  24. I wouldn't mind at all if it meant we could watch for sensible prices a team of hard-working local lads who loved playing for the club and for reasonable money with some decent football thrown in. The UEFA Cup IS a nice distraction. A nice distraction from a league packed with meaningless fixtures and players whom I feel no affinity towards whatsoever.
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