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  1. Very happy with today, lads did well to come back from another early goal. Showed great character!
  2. I can already picture Tony’s first press conference. He will bang on about Burke playing 25 games for Leipzig and then mention it for the rest of the season.
  3. Khadra has took the No.7 shirt…reserved for our permanent striker 😉
  4. I’m getting increasingly worried that we won’t be signing a striker on a permanent deal.
  5. Mowbray had left 3/4 years before Berahino made his debut.
  6. I posted on Saturday that a friend had let me know that we were in for Barkhuizen. It was being discussed by the fans at Deepdale. Only a rumour that I thought was a wind up to be honest, I just posted it to see if anyone had heard anything similar 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. Cracking post on the Lincoln City forum; ”I think Edun will get a very well deserved move to the championship, I just hope he chooses the right team. As far as I’m aware, Blackburn are a well run club these days so think it would be a good move for him.”
  8. Preston supporting friend has heard from three different people at Deepdale that Tom Barkhuizen is on his way to Rovers. Anyone heard anything similar?
  9. Sorry if this has already been discussed, would signing Jack Wilshere on a one-year deal be a bad option? The talent is clearly there but fitness and his injury record is an issue. He’s recently done an interview and stated he hasn’t been injured since January 2020. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a Rovers shirt if TM could manage his workload like Ayala is currently being managed. I see it as a similar signing to Jack Rodwell, give him a chance and see how it goes. If he keeps getting injured release him at the end of the year and move on.
  10. I’v seen a few on here mentioning that we should go after Hugill on loan. I think he’s going to do very well under Ismael.
  11. Should be an interesting week until the deadline. Hoping we can get a permanent striker in before the end of the window, if Brereton is allowed to travel and play for Chile then we’re going to be left short.
  12. Ryan Gauld? He signed with Vancouver Whitecaps at the end of July.
  13. Was a great watch/listen, especially the story about Richie Smallwood scrapping with the Avenue Hotel Chef 🤣
  14. A great three points! Fair play to this group of players, they seem to really be together. I’m glad that Daniel Ayala is proving me and most of our fanbase wrong, just hope he bloody stays fit! Roll on Saturday…COYB!
  15. I have seen that we have been linked with Huggins as a possible back-up to Pickering. Another one that has got away from TM 🤣
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