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  1. JRC also has better stats at right back than Max Arrons at Norwich, the same Max Arrons who Barcelona were quoted £30mn for and Man U were eying in the summer Now I'm not stating JRC is a worth that, but it puts into perspective the job he does at right back, right back isn't a new position for JRC he played many games at Man U coming through the academy there JRC and Nyambe are 2 totally different right backs, JRC has a far better game understanding than Nyambe, his positional sense with regards the different aspects of playing fullback are far better Nyambe is without doubt a better 1v1 defender and has more pace and power, but that's not enough in the modern game, you need to be able as a modern fullback, to be a defender a midfielder and a forward, all in one game, fullback has become the most technical position on the pitch and that's why JRC gets the nod over Nyambe sometimes, its horses for courses Also yesterday Dolan covered 12500m v Millwall, Armstrong covered 8500m v Reading, this I found very enlightening And Buckley showed some real flashes of quality yesterday and I think he will make the naysayers eat their words Just remember JRC, Dolan and Buckley are still young and early in their careers and still learning their trade, none are the finished article, maybe this could be considered moving forward
  2. Not the best performance by any stretch but the result is all that matters at the minute for Rovers Trav comes through unscathed, Davenport settled well, a make shift back 5 keeps a clean sheet away from home, well done
  3. He's always been a decent player, struggled when he 1st went to Brum but is finding his feet now, he can be dangerous and needs to be watched
  4. Same here, the other thing most don't know and is never in the press LT is that Rothwell and JRC have 12 month options in the clubs favour, there's a little breathing space there
  5. That's the thing TM has overruled the Physio department on Trav, they didn't want him near this game
  6. That's true but it's a perfect reason to give for wanting out, even if that player can't stand TM, it's then non negotiable
  7. Men against boys I'm afraid the jump in physicality from 23s to Championship is big very big
  8. Pike isn't crap, far from it, but he's a young 18 year old who would be coming into a side with the pressure cranked right up, there aren't enough what I call real professionals in Rovers team to help a young player through, he would either sink or swim and if he sunk, it could kill him at Rovers I'm all for bringing through young players but at the right time, today isn't it for me
  9. I don't know much but from the little I've heard the players are happy with TM, there's always players not happy when not starting but that's all clubs The other thing I will say is I can't see TM going anytime soon, the reason being more than anything, players out of contract, the club don't need reasons for players to want out and changing managers when so many deals need to be sorted could be used by players to not renew and run contracts down and leave for free especially the so called assets
  10. Nyambe has covid, Ayala hamstring, Douglas is a better option at right back rather than throw young Pike in, if Pike has a nightmare it could kill him, young players need to be brought in at the right time, now isn't it for me
  11. Reading Mowbray comments recently, he is concerned about the lack of fight etc the soft underbelly as he said, Rovers for me lack real leaders, I think Trav brings that There will be concern from the medical department about him starting, he's over the knee injury but it's other issues that can occur after long lay off, let's hope he doesn't break down, I cant see him being at full tilt but his selection should lift the players and I'm going to say Davenport will suprise a few today, it's about time he was given a shot, let's hope this is a start of a run of games for him
  12. 😂😂 Stir Crazy would be a better watch I'm thinking, fingers crossed the lads do the biz today I'm going 3-1 win Rovers
  13. Kaminski Douglas Lenihan Johnson Bell Elliot Travis Davenport Gallagher Armstrong Brereton
  14. Central midfield holding or attacking behind the striker or as an inverted winger (inside forward) like he is at the min Right back but is a better right wing back in a five His worst position is as an out and out winger, he's never been one and never will, he'd be a better centre forward than right winger
  15. He wasn't played out of position he was played of the left inverted, which is like an old inside forward, but I here all the time he's a winger, he isn't a winger and Rovers don't play with wingers, this is why more than likely one of the reasons Chapman can't get a game, 4-2-3-1 inverted wingers as yesterday (Gallagher and JRC) 4-4-2, 4-3-3 4-4-1-1 natural wingers eg Chapman, Bennett, Downing etc
  16. Obviously what you consider excellent and what I consider excellent are different, I look at football not from just an attacking perspective but also from the ugly hard work side of things and in that instance for me he was excellent, Mowbray will have been more happy with him from that perspective than anything he may have done against Sheffield Wednesday for example
  17. What do you think you have got in JRC? some need to calm down where he is concerned, he isn't the 2nd coming he is a young lad trying to make his way in the game, some expect these lads to be the finished article and ready to take on the world, but in the real world that's not the case, the way some think about young players is baffling to me, its the same with Buckley, give them time and be patient and you may see a decent player emerge, it wasn't long ago Ryan Nyambe was coping it from most, he is now showing 2 years down the line what he is about, if you want instant results your watching the wrong game
  18. He was taken off due to his head injury which eventually caught up with him, based on all the factors and the fact it was his 1st league start he equitted himself excellently in my opinion and showed more than anything he is ready to compete at this level, he also made and won more tackles than any other Rovers player, which should point to the fact how hard the team had to work defensivly to get the point and explain maybe why we didn't see to much of him going forward
  19. That's all well and good but you have to control the game from an attacking perspective for that to happen, yesterday once Holtby was taken off that wasn't the case for Rovers, it was dig in and see what we can get JRC showed Mowbray more yesterday than he would of seen from him before, as he showed he was capable of coping with that side of the game also he ain't a winger, why some think he is I don't know, he plays more like an old inside forward, he isn't like Chapman for example who is a winger Also a quick question did you go yesterday?
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