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  1. So far all that come from our club is many words with no actions. Very disappointing.
  2. I see arms as a potential Bellamy maybe?
  3. I'm sure a few on here would like to see us go at hull in the same fashion with a similar line up, but my opinion is it wouldn't end well.
  4. Play playmakers in a defensive midfield position and you will concede chances and goals. Evans and Smallwood are quite safe I'd guess for now.
  5. This is against league 2 opposition in front of a sparse crowd. I doubt it will affect his league selection too much, as good as it is for confidence.
  6. I think I've nothing more to say to you, so no problem. Blocked.
  7. I mean it. I can remember josh king getting the same treatment.
  8. I resent your mocking of these promising players.. Support the team.
  9. Better now than after having signed him and used up a loan spot
  10. The only one who has said anything derogatory is me.. And it was a sarcastic joke.
  11. Platt not enjoying a great debut for Accrington.. 3-1 Mansfield.
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