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  1. https://thecritic.co.uk/the-covid-physicians-true-coronavirus-timeline/
  2. They really shouldn’t have taken the piss out of us in the first place when there was so much good will and spirit on offer .
  3. Likely just put on hold 2 dec to 2 jan with a bit of tiering for fun
  4. You are normally wildly wide of the mark for the sake of sensationalism but it would be fun if you were right for once
  5. No it’s not it’s treating people like humans but asking them to take ownership of their choices , while both protecting those who really need it and giving choice to those who deserve it . I know for some reason you get off on misery and projecting doom but I’m a bit more positive than that
  6. Liverpool Covid cases are down by nearly a half and have fallen every day from the October 7th peak. Liverpool began Tier 3 lockdown on October 14.
  7. Looking down from mellor toward a lot of green has been eaten up , it is what it is i suppose . More people more homes
  8. We don’t have big events. The last couple of years we have been at the white swan if that’s still an option we will do it ... it’s down to them as much as us. If we can’t we will have to come up with something but I’m dreading the idea of cooking and cleaning . look after your loved ones
  9. Exactly this being elderly doesn’t seem you automatically incapable
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