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  1. After last Friday's depressing debacle I can only bring myself to check Rovers news to see if the manager is finally being held to account. Instead I read that an ineffective waste of a squad number is being rewarded for not much at all with a lengthy contract. Ffs.
  2. I was there and it was my first away game. I have memories of Accrington town centre being totally blue and white, an Edgar Pickering Transit van with around 20 blokes in the back, a pub in Hapton with hundreds of Rovers fans on the car park, blue and white 'Ecky Thump' hats and walking down the side of the cricket club and seeing the packed mass of Rovers fans bouncing on the Longside. I was in the Cricket Field Stand with my mate and his Dad and, although I was only 10, I have a distinct memory of it being mainly Rovers fans in there.
  3. Hope he eventually agrees. He's a busy bloke and has been a guest on a few podcasts. He's always good value and often manages to get a Rovers mention in.
  4. As the saying goes "it's the hope that kills you" and Mowbray has killed us too many times for me to have any belief that his inconsistent, schizophrenic team will finish in the top six. I have no faith in Mowbray and would like to see a change.
  5. Looking forward to this as the owner of a pair of customised Gazelles. Adidas designer and creator of the 'Spezial' range Gary Aspden might make a good future guest. He's a Darwen lad, Rovers fan and inspiration behind the iconic Blackburn Spezial.
  6. For me you can't forgive Venkys for what they did by dismissing it as being in the past. I have no reason to doubt that you love the club so it puzzles me that you can readily forgive them for their crass, destructive disregard for it.
  7. I'd ask Damien Johnson if he wanted to give it a go until the end of the season. I also wouldn't mind Gareth Ainsworth, I reckon he's destined to manage a bigger club than Wycombe.
  8. Any agent worth their salt would be telling Nyambe not to sign anything and see what offers come in as his contract runs down.
  9. I understand the comparison but yes, Grealish is on the way to being World class.
  10. Grealish in microcosm tonight. You can see why he's disliked but what a player.
  11. To be fair to Bale, he did have a lot of injuries but he also didn't feature in a Spurs winning team for 2 years and he was ridiculed along with the club who had paid a lot of money for him. On that basis it's a fair comparison.
  12. I despise Burnley with the heat of a thousand suns so usually cannot bring myself to watch them. I made an exception last night however and it pains me to say that, despite their defeat, it's easy to see why they are an established Top Flight club. They are physical but canny with it, organised, compact and they all know their roles. Dyche is a tremendous manager and my money would be on them staying up again. I was surprised how poor West Brom were. Granted they ended up with a good, battling point but Brighton should have been out of sight by half time. They are short on quality and you
  13. It was more than "tuts and sighs". Myself and a mate had to restrain his son from chinning a bloke at Bramhall Lane when he shouted some vile abuse at Brereton as he warmed up from the subs bench.
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