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  1. For me you can't forgive Venkys for what they did by dismissing it as being in the past. I have no reason to doubt that you love the club so it puzzles me that you can readily forgive them for their crass, destructive disregard for it.
  2. I'd ask Damien Johnson if he wanted to give it a go until the end of the season. I also wouldn't mind Gareth Ainsworth, I reckon he's destined to manage a bigger club than Wycombe.
  3. Any agent worth their salt would be telling Nyambe not to sign anything and see what offers come in as his contract runs down.
  4. I understand the comparison but yes, Grealish is on the way to being World class.
  5. Grealish in microcosm tonight. You can see why he's disliked but what a player.
  6. To be fair to Bale, he did have a lot of injuries but he also didn't feature in a Spurs winning team for 2 years and he was ridiculed along with the club who had paid a lot of money for him. On that basis it's a fair comparison.
  7. I despise Burnley with the heat of a thousand suns so usually cannot bring myself to watch them. I made an exception last night however and it pains me to say that, despite their defeat, it's easy to see why they are an established Top Flight club. They are physical but canny with it, organised, compact and they all know their roles. Dyche is a tremendous manager and my money would be on them staying up again. I was surprised how poor West Brom were. Granted they ended up with a good, battling point but Brighton should have been out of sight by half time. They are short on quality and you
  8. It was more than "tuts and sighs". Myself and a mate had to restrain his son from chinning a bloke at Bramhall Lane when he shouted some vile abuse at Brereton as he warmed up from the subs bench.
  9. Didn't Jimmy Armfield say words to that effect specifically about Rovers fans?
  10. I instantly regretted opening this thread to find out what it was about. At the risk of seeming like an old curmudgeon, one aspect of bygone days that I yearn for is not having a clue who players wives/girlfriends are.
  11. I'm shocked that some on this board seem irritated enough to put a negative spin on yesterday's result by emphasisng the defeat in the game before. *sarcasm mode off* (Vladimir Ivic said Rovers are the best team Watford have played this season by the way)
  12. I think "the road to hell" is stretching it and nobody will ever know what would have transpired had Venkys not darkened our door. I can't forgive and forget I'm afraid.
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